The OSINT Cycle

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Video Transcription
Welcome back In the last video, we talked about who you who use associate, and in this lesson we're going to talk and learn about the open source intelligence cycle what it is, and I will show you in detail. What are the steps off that cycle?
The ocean cycle? Or, Better to say, the intelligence cycle represents the process off. Developing and transferring raw information in tow, finished intelligence for any decision or policy maker to use in their own decision making and to be able to take appropriate further actions based on those findings.
There is more than one type of phenols and cycle out there, but generally speaking, there are always 4 to 6 steps involved in this process.
In this light, I have chosen the five step cycle, which, in my opinion best represents the oceans investigation cycle as a whole. The Five Steps cycle consists off planning, gathering, analyzing dissemination and feedback. I will now go through each step of the mentioned cycle, as in any process,
planning would be our first stop.
I have to mention a great quote by Mr Abraham Lincoln quote. Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the X and quote.
I think this relates to many things in life. You can be the strongest lumberjack in the world, but with a dull ax, you're in trouble. The most important thing would be to clearly define what are you looking for, What kind of information do wish together about your target? And actually, what is the purpose of your investigations?
Also, which possible tools or vectors off investigation will use? For example, would you use besides the Internet tools, maybe some physical activities, like going to the library and looking at the published materials about about the target? When I do my investigations, I have a plan.
But that plan is tweaked along the way, since they get new ideas or find some better tools to conduct my activities. So this process also consists off identifying, prioritizing and validating intelligence requirements,
translating those requirements into observable preparing collection plans, issuing requests for information collection, production and dissemination, and continuously monitoring the availability off collected data. The planning stage is probably the most important ones, since it involves
the management off the entire intelligence effort. The next step would be gathering or making a collection of the data you gathered. Actually, the next two steps
off the ocean cycle gathering and analyzing are pretty much self self explanatory.
Also, gathering is only limited by your imagination. You could take any number of plant tools since there is a big number off them out there. Some of them are free, and some of them cost a pretty penny. Probably the easiest way to start would be to simply search the Internet or do some Google Dorking, which we will mention in the later video of this course.
Since you could easily get lost in the vast amount of data and information collected. Analyzing, which involves validating the gathering information and making it usable, is very, very important.
The fourth step dissemination, which I previously mentioned as a word that caught my eye since I was unfamiliar with the word dissemination, includes conveyance off intelligence to the consumer in a usable form. Basically, it means reporting
intelligence can being provided to the consumer in a wide range off formats, including verbal reports to written reports, imagery products and intelligence databases.
Dissemination can be accomplished through physical exchanges of data and through interconnected data, and communications networks. This is probably a fancy way of saying that you could simply explain and present your findings verbally, or you could send it via email as in a simple attachment
from my experience. If I have to send the report via email, I sent it in encrypted form
like a password protected ZIP file for best efficiency dissemination. Reports should also be peer reviewed from independent colleagues in the same field who have not participated in the conduct of the study.
The peer review process of completed reports will ensure objectivity and increased like hood off. A valid on reliable report to be most effective dissemination plan should be developed prior to the completion of the study in identifying this tragedies for dissemination and the targeted audience, the last phase
which involves getting the feedback
from the customer or a client, where you will find out where you right on the ball and is the information you provided accurate, readable and comprehensible. And will they be able to learn how to better serve their goals and needs on going forward? This final phase is the ultimate confirmation off your investigations.
In this video, we went over the ocean cycle, which is, in my opinion, a great opportunity to
create a clear and usable Postant methodology off your own. And in the next video, we will talk about ethics and moral dilemmas concerning innocent.
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