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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we talked about the different tools that we're gonna use throughout this course. And as I mentioned a few times before, we got a mixture between the cyber Lapin farmers for some of our labs, as well as some lab said you could just do on your local computer, or preferably in a virtual machine.
So with that, we're not gonna be covering the actual installation of virtual boxer Callie Lennox. But I didn't want to show you where you could actually go to get there. So in this video, I'm gonna show you the different websites to go to on, then feel free to go on your own. Now, Must we gonna link these websites in the supplement resource is so you'll be able to just click a link and go to the actual website.
So first things first, we're gonna we would look for a virtual box or you could just go to virtual box that it works so you can look for it in a in a search like bang or Google. Just type in virtual box and it should pull up for you or you can just type in virtual box dot or as I mentioned with a supplement of resource is you just click the link and I'll take you right to it.
Once you get to the main website page, what you're gonna do is just come on the left side here and go to downloads. You just click on that
at the top Here, it's it's kind of confusing your if you've never gone to this page before. But right here, these platform packages that's actually virtual box. So that's what you want. So what you're gonna do is just find your operating system. So whether it's Windows, you know, Mac OS or linen, you'll just go and click on that and download that particular package and get it installed.
The next thing you want to do what you've installed a platform package. You want to go ahead and install this extension pack down here, so install the platform package first, then Daniel, install the virtual box extension pack. Once you're done with that, then you're ready to go install Callie Clinic. So make sure you grab that extension pack is well. Otherwise, when you
installed Kelly Lennox, you're gonna get some air messages.
So once we've done that, we just go toe Kelly Olynyk. So if you go to Cali dot organ will take you to the page. And if you scroll down, you'll see that there's different ways to get the files right so we could do a torrent or 80 p if we wanted to. I always like to just come down here. And so this is all managed by offensive security. So the company for not familiar there behind the O S C p
or or offensive security certified professional examination. So that's a popular one
amongst penetration testers. So you know, you've got your different levels. You know, Ch Mendes plays or you've got like, OCP, which realistically, in industry is considered more of an entry level in our intermediate level type of pen testing CERT. Whereas like CH is kind of like, you know, you're just above that script kiddie level, like you really don't know
what you're doing. You kind of have an idea, but you don't really know. So
that's just a perception of the industry or like people at least working as penetration testers. And that's not my personal opinion. It's as feedback from others will call like that.
All right, sit down here
depending on what you're running. So if you are running like the m wear something like that, then by all means, you can do so you want to do virtual box? I use virtual boxes because number one, this one I'm filming on a Semak in Vienna. Where doesn't doesn't work for Mac usually, Um and, you know, virtual boxes just to me A lot easier to use, but that's personal preference. But you're just gonna look for the particular
*** you want to. Most people are gonna have 64 bit,
but if you have a 32 bit system, you can download it there as well. So all you're gonna do, just click the link. It's gonna open up the offensive security website for you,
and then you're just gonna scroll down the page a little bit. Make sure that you're clicking on the correct one, so you'll see that defaults is of'em where
I just click on virtual box. If that's the one that you want, then you're basically just gonna click on the file to download it. Now you'll notice the file size is almost four gigs, so it's gonna take a while to download so you could get things like a Donald manager or something that helps be that up. However, sometimes with those that make it may cause issues with the file so that you may end up having to
downloaded anyways
for me downloading a roughly forget file off a land cable and not, you know, hardware connection and not a wireless took about. I want to say about 20 to 30 minutes. So it took a while, and I've got a pretty fast connection, so it does take some time to download that. So just keep that in mind as you're going through.
I'm actually installing these things.
So again, this video was really just to show you where to go get virtual boxes. Well, is where to get Callie Lennox again. We didn't actually cover installation in this video, but you could find China videos online that walking through that step by step.
So in the next video, we're gonna actually jump into our first set of tools. So we'll talk about and it's look up. We'll talk about what you can do with that as well as using who is
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