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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome to the securing AP Ice Fundamental scores. My name is Ken under Hell. I'll be your instructor for this course in this video. We're gonna talk about some of that prerequisites for this course and what you should expect going into the course. Also talk about the course overall structure and will introduce myself. Your instructor.
The main prerequisite is toe have some familiarity with software development, so you don't necessarily have toe have years of experience. But it's a good idea to have some knowledge of at least one programming language or scripting language. Just so some of the terminology makes sense as we go through this course.
It's also a good idea to have some very basic level of sub security knowledge just again for the terminology aspect in this course.
So who am I? What my name is Ken Underline. The master instructor is Sai Buri. I also hold a graduate degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. I'm also an aging professor of digital forensics. I hold a couple of industry Certs, so the EEC Council certified ethical hacker and computer hacking forensic investigators
I won an award in 2019 from SC Media. It's called the Reboot Leadership Award on I Want in the category of outstanding Educator and then just a fun fact about myself. I practiced tactical men jitsu. So that's why you see ah little ninja picture there. That's not actually me. That's a really cool outfit, though. Eso I may get one,
and I'm very active unlinked in. So if you're
looking to connect with me, linked in is probably the best place I do. Also have a Twitter, and you can look me up with my name on Twitter. But Lincoln's where I'm the most active.
So who is this course actually intended for? Well, for software engineers, all for developers. Anyone with that software development type of background people that make hell call themselves coders or characterize themselves as coders. It's also for security professionals. You can understand why we want to secure AP eyes, and why does it actually matter to you?
As I mentioned software developers
as well,
so in this course, we're gonna go over a brief introduction. So we have this introduction video here that will also have an interview introduction to AP, eyes
ah, and then in module to we're gonna jump into Awas. So many people know the whole loss Top 10 for vulnerabilities. But we're gonna be talking about the A P I security top 10 from a WASP, and we'll also talk about a couple of basic level security fundamentals. See a tree odd as well as Triple A and how those tie into a P I security.
And then finally a module three. We'll just wrap up the course and I'll talk about some other courses
you may want to take after this one on the cyber website.
So you're gonna have several different things in this course. We're gonna have a syllabus available for use and study guides. Some assessment questions will be glossary, and then also, there'll be a couple of laps. Now I want to stress with the labs that they're going to be used to introduce you to more of the offensive side of things so you'll understand
what the attack might look like on on an A P I around these particular areas of a p I security,
and we just have a couple of labs in the course. So I want to stress that these labs air not where you're gonna be opening up some code and fixing at the code level. So I want to stress that this is a fundamental core, so we just want to give you a high level overview of what the attacks might look like.
So in this video, we talked about some of the prerequisites for this course. So again, it's a good idea. Have a suffer development background or have some experience in coding just for understanding some of the terminology we're going to be using in this course. It's also a good idea to have some basic security knowledge again, just for the terminology aspect.
We also talked about the core structure itself, So we talked about a module one. It's Morse about mostly about introductions and then in March of two, is where we jump into the Ola's top 10 for a P I security. And then we also talked about myself. Your instructor
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