Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms)

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less than 6.5 plan of action and milestones or poems.
In this lesson, the objective is to understand how a plan of action and milestones or poem may be used within the ire life cycle and to identify the components of a poem and their use cases.
This is an example of a poem spreadsheet, and there's lots of different ways to do this. But before I get into that, I just want to talk briefly about what a poem is. So you just you can see at the bottom bullet there. I have poems were used to identify, assess, prioritize and monitor
corrective actions used for security weaknesses, deficiencies
and or vulnerabilities.
So that's a lot of words to say. This is a really good way to track activities going on in I T. Or cybersecurity. So, for instance, if you do a risk assessment within your environment and you find that you are lacking DLP capabilities, you just have no way to do data loss prevention.
People can email documents out or transfer them
without there any look at the contents or the classifications. Categorization of the data.
That's something you definitely want to know, Tate and a capability you should probably think about adding course, that's easy to say. It depends on your budget. In the capabilities of your staff.
However, it is a best practice. It is something you probably should be able to dio. And this is great to be able to use with the C I. A s top 20 or with NIST cybersecurity framework. If, as you're going through those controls, you realize we actually don't do anything for DLP. But we should.
This is where you would put that So a poem is a way to say we have a plan of action
to fix this and we have milestones identified that we will meet as we go along. So, for instance, we have here the name of the system, the company organizational name. If you're a federal employee or contractor in the federal government, you're very used to seeing this. Poems were used on all the systems.
They go through the RMF process,
but a lot of other organizations use this also. So you want to have the cybersecurity contact information person's name when this poem was created when it was last updated. These are things that should be reviewed frequently. And what's the type of the information system?
So we'll start on the left. You've got the item that's identified for this instance we don't have DLP. The deficiency or the weakness is the fact that we can't monitor data as it goes out, and as a result, we may be susceptible. Toe loss of data.
What security control. So this depends on what you're using. Is it missed? 853. Is it CSF? Is it our? I'm sorry, C I s top 20.
So you put the security control that this alliance to in there? Who's the point of contact? What resource is air required to actually get this done? When is your scheduled completion date
winner. Your milestones supposed to be completed.
Did you make any changes to your milestones? Who identified this weakness
and what's the risk levels? A slow as it medium is at high.
What's the estimated cost? What's the status and then comments? Of course, this is a spreadsheet and excel. See, a lot of times you're gonna have to make these columns wider to be ableto right. All this stuff in here, but this is a good example that I could get on one page to show you
what you want to make sure is being discussed in a poem.
This is a quick lesson. I just thought it was important to cover these. This is a really great way. Teoh, have this information in a one page document. Put it on. But on a SharePoint site, if you have to report to senior leadership, this is something you could do. If you're assert manager and you want to make sure your sis so
sees these things as you identify them, then create a poem list, put it up on a SharePoint site
or ah, network share and allow them to see it and then brief this when you brief the status your program.
So in summary, we talked about how poems may be used in the ire life cycle and what the components of poems are and their use cases.
So quick Question for you, true or false poems. Air used to identify, assess, prioritize and monitor corrective efforts
for security, weaknesses, deficiencies and or vulnerabilities found.
Well, the answer to that is true. That's verbatim. What was off the slide and the definition of a poem
and, uh, definitely meets the answer here for true on this quiz
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