Ping Command (Demo)

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in this video, we're just gonna show you an example of running the ping command. So again, Ping stands for the packet Internet groper. And it's just that network utility that we can use the troubleshoot, our network connection and see, Can we actually reach that destination? Host eso We're gonna
do our PIN command here. We're just gonna use google dot com. This is what I use commonly from having network problems.
You'll see we're gonna get all four of our packets back with reply. That tells us that we do have a connection. Thio, Google Server were able to actually reach out to that server. We could also run a trace route, um, to google dot com and see where the packets going. So if there was some packet loss, we could see Well, where is it? Actually drop in that packet at
can act.
And so there might be a number of reasons why
we're losing packets, right? It could be things that, like the fire wall, is blocking icmp P packets, which is pretty common these days. It could be that there's some kind of ah, like a Gateway broader issue. And that's why we might run a command like tracer thio tracer out to see what what's actually going on. Like where the packets being dropped at.
We can also do what's called a loop back test so we could verify that our Nick card is actually working. That's what I just had done there with a Ping 127.0 dot 0.1 that's pinging home, right? So when we maybe make a joke about phoning home in the I t. Realm, that's what we're gonna be talking about. You'll see memes out there on the Internet about that,
and then we can also ping Google directly. So once we have that I p address if we knew the i p address of our target, we could just ping them directly. Instead of putting in
google dot com and waiting for the DNS name resolution, we can actually do about the I P addresses. Well, that way is not really productive at all.
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