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This brief lesson introduces the course agenda: • Definition, sample code, case study • Demos: CSRF attack via JavaScript injection, Session ID Entropy Analysis using Burp Suite. • Mitigations, countermeasures, defenses • Lab and Lab solution

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Hello and welcome to the side. Very secure coding course my name Miss anywhere. And this is Boa's top 10 for 2013. A eight cross site request forgery.
Let's take a look at our agenda now. Of course, we're going to go through our definition. We're going to take a look at a case study and some sample code of attacks that are done in sea surf.
Then we're gonna look at two demos. The first demo is gonna be a sea surf attack via JavaScript injection. Probably the more prevalent type of attack that's done in sea surface area.
And then we're actually going to do an entropy analysis of Session I. D. S and see how that could be done. Using burp sweet,
we will have our mitigations countermeasures in defenses section,
and then we'll wrap up with our lab in the lab solution

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