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This brief lesson introduces the course agenda. This module will cover the following: • What is threat modelling? o Definition o Four questions o Approaches • What are mitigations to apply to STRIDE? • How can my team perform Threat Modelling? o Elevation of privilege card game

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Hello and welcome to the cyber Eri I t secure coding course.
This is the threat modeling portion my name Miss anywhere, and I'm going to go over the agenda for our threat modelling module. So what we're going to first talk about is threatened modelling exactly what it is and how we can approach threat modeling.
Now there are four basic questions
that we can ask ourselves or ask our team that can help us to better approach the threat modeling exercise.
Then I'm going to go into stride. I'm gonna explain stride and detail as well as talk about the various mitigation techniques that are available to address the threats that are shown in stride
and then friendly. We're going to wrap up the module by going through a card game called Elevation of Privilege. And I'm going to show you how you can play this game with your team in order to identify exposure points
and performed the threat modeling exercise

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