Objectives and Introducing NIST and Standards

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Video Transcription
Welcome back to Sai buries its of course. I'm your instructor, Brad Roads. We have made it to module nine of 10 and this is key NIST standards.
So where have we
come from And where we go? Well, we have been through the's Isett domains. We have talked about the ISI process. We've talked about the system development life cycle, and now we're going to talk about those key national institutes for Standards and Technologies, standards, documents that are critical for you to understand. As an ISI,
they're a great reference point.
But also things you should be aware for the ESOP exam. And that'll take us after we're done with this module into module 10 concentration insights and then you'll be done. So we're almost there.
So in this video, we're gonna talk about our module objectives. We're gonna introduce NIST, we're gonna talk about those keenness publications you need to know as an ISI.
So our module objectives are pretty straight forward. We're going to introduce NIST, and then we're gonna review the NIST publications that every issue should know and Oh, by the way, these pictures we're going to show you and talk about from a process. Perspective are things you probably should know and be aware of for the ESOP exam.
So what? Who is this? What is this? Well, they are under the U. S. Department of Commerce on. They were founded in 1901 And the goal here was to provide a construct for measurements and standards for the entirety of the United States.
Uh, this has had become a thing in Europe and another place in the world in the United States jumped on the bandwagon there.
So what does this do?
It provides standards and guidance on everything. Right. It could be power. Good stuff. It could be atomic clocks. It could be the, you know, computer tips. It could be, uh, it could be all sorts of things. Even said they were security as one of the things that missed
provides to the United States and sort of by de facto to the world. Ah, lot of
countries besides the United States used NIST standards because they are so well done and so well written.
So why nist? It's really simple.
You don't have to do everything from scratch if you need ah standard. If you need to know how to do? Say incident response. NIST has got a document for you if you need to know how to do information systems security Engineering Yes, Has got a document for you. If you need to know something about cryptography, NIST has got a document for you, right? These documents
are freely available. Their got their government off the shelf If you
live in the United States, right, your taxpayer dollars paid for them. Paid for these. So why wouldn't you use them, right? I don't like to build things from scratch if I don't have to, and this allows me to do just that.
So we're gonna talk about the Keenest publications. So we're going to review these in pretty good detail. So we're gonna talk about system security engineering. That's a special pub. That's the SP there. 801 60. We're gonna talk about the controls in 853 we're gonna talk about. Here's a surprise. Media Sanitation in 888 on, then continuing on,
we're gonna talk about ah, guy, right. If you were going to study any,
uh, this publication right before you took your recep exam, it would be 801.
Um, it is a great summary of just about everything You need to know that I believe would be e believe would be good to know for the ESOP exam. We're gonna talk about the Knicks cybersecurity framework because a lot of organizations are moving to that because it's clean and it's and it's easy to implement. And we're gonna talk about 5th 100 check 140 Tech to and that's
All right, so what do we cover in this video? We talked about our module objectives. We introduced NIST and who they are. And then we talked about the NIST publications that are key for ISI. There's so many Miss publications. There's so much information from this, there is no way that you could actually ever learn it all. But if you're prepping for the exam,
these are the ones that you really should have a good handle on.
We'll see you next time
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