Network Address Translation

For this next session we learn about Network Address Translation.  Network Address Translation is a sub-function to the proxy and how its controls/delivers specific address for identification and why that is important to the proxy process. [toggle_content title="Transcript"] We can use proxies to implement network address translation. On our networks, we could have a proxy server implementing a network address translation. Here, what we have is computers on our network with private addresses. They cannot communicate across the internet, so we implement a proxy to allow the conversion of private addresses to a public address in this fashion. Computer B puts a packet on the network asking, “What is the weather tomorrow?” from Google, that packet is sent to the proxy, the proxy will process the packet, flag the message and we know the proxy would remove the address of B and send the message on to Google. Google will reply with a message, “The weather tomorrow is -5.” We know it’s coming from Google. It’s addressed back to the proxy. That packet is put back on the network, back to computer B because it is flagged for computer B from there. We know it’s coming from Google going to B. What we have here is a private internal addresses, have now been converted to a public address. This is what we call network address translation. Network address translation allows us to preserve the use of IPV4. IPV4 public addresses. The public addresses were starting to run out at which the INA had to adopt a strategy. how to come up with this strategy for organizations to share private public addresses using a proxy to achieve network address translation. This allows us to limit how public addresses are issued to organizations without the fear of running out of public IP addresses. Network address translation allows us to achieve, multiple computers can share a public address, network address transmission also gives and enhances caching because the proxies don’t have to get subsequent request provided is being requested earlier from the internet. They also offer, the proxies offer security by protecting, masking the internal addresses from servers on the internet or malicious persons on the internet. [/toggle_content]
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