Module 1 Summary

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2 hours 11 minutes
Video Transcription
we've reached the end of the this model says is the summary. We were final lesson. We just summarize what we did, what we talked about, the ideas that are important.
So we discussed why we need a taxonomy framework and text on my word. But I like to understand just this bucket of this framework for cyber security risk. We're all talking the same language. Why is it important to you? It was important. Understand the background 100 53. The legal framework of how
853 acts have actually has some legal teeth because of the proceeding
And then I learned about the NIST security terminology so that we understand what they mean when we're going through a control. What these words that we think we understand what they mean. We're all talking the same language
on then where 853 fits into the risk management framework.
And then you kind of talked a little bit about the past, the current future versions of the document
and then talked about 100 53 as it's as this common framework across different agencies that sorry. Different areas of the government, the federal d o d national security systems different years that way.
So the next module will finally ready to use to control almost there. Just a couple of things we need to start off with, and then we'll start actually using controls and see how
we get from a weakness identification to a risk and then map it through the life cycle.
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