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7 hours 15 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video, we wrecked our discussion on privilege access management with active directory.
In this video, we're gonna go ahead and just talk through the lab a little bit. Now, I want to stress that there are step by step guides in the resource of section of the course, so be sure to download those so you can follow along with this particular lab. However, there are also instructions in the lab itself so you can find them in the resource of section. Or you can also just go through the lab itself.
So this is the lab environment. It takes a couple of minutes to launch, and specifically in the cyber catalogue, you'll search for the active directory groups Lab. So the manage active directory groups lab, and that will take you for to this particular lab. And again, there are step by step instructions that have a direct link to go to this lab.
Once you've launched a lab which takes a couple of minutes, usually to launch it once you wanted, you can review the challenge overview if you want, Um, and you could also just click the next button here. Now,
one important thing I want to point out is, as you go through this lab and you complete each step on the step by step lab guide or in this instructions here, what you want to do is just make sure to check these boxes so you can get full credit for the lab. So as you go through it, just make sure as you complete each step, you're checking these boxes. So as you get to the end of the lab,
you'll actually get credit for the lab and completing the lab.
So again, all the labs in this course will have a step by step lab guide. You could find that in the resource is section in the course. Be sure to download that, and for some reason you can't find it. There's some kind of technical glitch. Be sure to reach out to the support team, and we can get that sent over to you.
So in this video, it is took a quick look at the Managing Active directory groups lab. So again what? It took a brief overview here, and I mentioned that the uh, step by step guide is in the resource is section of the course. In the next video, we're gonna just take a brief overview of the other set of labs you'll be completing in this course.
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