Introduction to the Cloud: Cloud Computing

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As I said earlier, virtualization just naturally leads itself to discussions on cloud computing.
If we're looking at cloud computing, it really exists because of virtualization. Like we said makes it profitable as organizations like Google, Amazon and Microsoft investing in a lot of really high end equipment, then divvying it up and leasing it out to individual organizations.
That's where we get cloud computing.
now. And I S t has a definition that they give us. And ultimately what they're saying is cloud computing is a model and listens to some of the requirements.
It's ubiquitous and available everywhere. It's convenient non demand. I can access my cloud based resources. I have access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, and that's with me.
I don't have to go through the Cloud service provider
if I have infrastructure as a service and I am in components of the Cloud service provider, I can spin up 100 hard drives for servers very quickly, and then I can decommission them. And once I don't need them, which is rapid provisioning,
I can very quickly add to my network and very quickly release those resources again because this is software driven. We have a lot of flexibility.
So what are the drivers to move to the cloud? Honestly, it comes down to the fact that senior leadership believes the benefits outweigh the costs.
Part of this is the pay as you use benefit rather than paying a flat fee, regardless of how much I use. I'm only going to pay for what I use in this case. So there's a lower total cost of ownership. And that's the goal, right?
If I'm not paying for excessive use, then it costs less in the long run.
In some cases, it may be like leasing a car.
If I buy a car, then I have to worry about all the maintenance and deprecation. But if at least the car, then over time it winds up costing me more money. But I do have those benefits of being able to return the car when I'm done, and any of those major upgrades are often taken care of. For me,
lower total cost of ownership is the goal, but sometimes we see that over time we could conceivably send more money.
If that's the case,
then what we're really doing is trading capital exponential
going back
lower total cost of ownership is the goal, but sometimes we see that over time we could conceivably spend more money.
If that's the case, then what we're really doing is trading capital exponential for operational expenses
rather than having all that money up front or paying a monthly or quarterly basis. Ideally, we get greater reliability, scalability and sustainability. We're taking advantage of the resources that these major organizations have and the investments they have made.
It keeps me from having to purchase my own data center and to develop or build my own data center stocked with servers. Heat it, cool it, secure it, control access to it. And so on.
Now everything that used to be in my data center is simply access through the Internet at the Cloud service provider.
Ideally, because of the many tremendous resources they have, we get greater up time, and ideally, we get additional security.
But that's only guaranteed based on your service level of green it.
Many times I've heard people say they'll secure better than we will, but not necessarily
your service level Agreement with your cloud service provider is really going to be critical as to what you can expect. And a service level agreement is just commitment
if we don't have audits or some third party assurance that our cloud service provider honors their SLS, that we need to move on and look at another cloud service provider,
all right, not going to read every one of these. But as for automation, easy deployment, you don't get much easier than software based deployment of components,
device and location independent off at a company like Amazon is going to have distributed devices throughout the world. So if there's a local issue that happens, our data is still going to be available because it resides in so many other locations
and 24 7 support is something we may not have in our organization. So with your cloud service provider, assuming it's in the service level, agreement will provide those benefits. What most people focus on for the cloud is that it's going to save us money over time.
We're not going to have to buy these surgeries. We're not going to have to heat them and cool them, which is a really expensive cost, and we're not going to have to scare them.
We're going to be able to access our information from anywhere on the planet, and that's a tremendous benefit.
Cloud Company in has a lot of selling points.
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