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2 hours 27 minutes
Video Transcription
Welcome back to intermediate endpoint Security Course in this lesson, I will do a recap off older learnings you had in this course.
So I have talked about what are the goals off endpoint security. So what you need to do when you're planning and the performing and point security.
Then I talked about protection off separate parts of endpoints hard were operating system programs, applications protecting network from infected PCs and how to protect users.
Then there was a section that was talking about designing, managing and controlling and points and security on those devices.
A za part of that. I have mentioned the least privilege, concept and wise. It's so good. And what are the some kind of guidelines to implement? Ah, pray least privilege concept. So I wasn't actually talking about the, uh,
practical things you need to do.
I talked more about things you need to plan. Oh, our plan to perform when planning to do less privilege. Because if you step on a stumble on each any of these steps, you have a problem and you cannot implement the least privilege concept.
Onda. The benefit would be that most of the problems that come with security and then points would be removed just by implementing this. And finally I talked about how to protect data. So I want to thank you
for listening to the scores I help you learned a lot on. I hope this will help you in your future career, so thank you and goodbye.