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Video Transcription
Hello. My name is Jasmine Jackson and our courses intro to vagrant. And in this lecture, I will show you a demo on how to add a pre configure box or pre configure machine to vagrant. So let's go.
The learning objectives for this video are we will learn how to add a pre configured machine too vague. Great.
Let's go.
Okay, so we're using the Commander Consul. And remember, the commander Consul is a windows console where you can enter Lennix commands on windows. Right now we're in our vagrant folder. So to add a pre configured vagrant machine or box,
we're gonna enter the command vagrant
a mix
and then the name of the pre configure box in this case in Boone to
trusty 64. And we're going to press enter.
Great. We have ah
display That says a vagrant file has been placed in this directory. You are now ready to vagrant up your first virtual environment. So opening the vagrant foul, you will see the majority of the text is green, meaning that it is commented out and will not be executed by a grit.
Looking at line number eight, we see the beginning of the configuration
with the vagrant diet configure and the number two were specifies that we're using a later version of Vagrant and looking At Line 15. We see the command config, divey m dot box and the name of the pre configure machine we entered in Commander,
which was Mobutu Trustee 64.
And if you look at the comments online 13 and 14 it says every fragrant development environment requires a box. You can search four boxes at Https Colon four slash four slash bakery cloud dot com. Four slash search.
So remember during the lecture, I went to that search page
and we were able to sort or filter by providers because remembered, the pre configure machines are provider specific. Each machine is provider specific, meaning that all machines do not work for each providers. So we were able to
feel to buy providers. We were also able to
sort by a number of downloads. And remember that Mobutu Trustee 64 machine had the most downloads. We were able to sort by machines that were recently created and machines that were recently updated. Also, we saw the labels. If you don't want toe
filter by the providers at the top of the search,
where page you can always look at the machine and there's labels next to that machine that also
tails you. Which provider works for that specific machine?
So in this case, remember when we used the vagrant and Mitt command,
Our vagrant fouls is automatically created and remember, as I said, if there's nothing else that you learned in this course, the vagrant foul is the most important foul,
as you can see here because it specifies the configuration for your vagrant machine. So the vagrant file is the configuration file for your vagrant machine, and in this case, right now in our configuration, the only thing that will run at this point is
number eight and line number 15 that specifies were using the own boo to trustee 64 pre configured machine.
And in our next lecture, I will talk about how to start that machine. But first, let's go back to our lecture. So in summary in this video, we just discussed how to add a pre configured machine to vagrant. And as I said
a few seconds ago and our next video, it will be another demo on how to start our own boo to trustee 64 machine. Right now we have it added inside of our configuration file the vagrant file.
And now and in our next video, which is another demo, I will show you how to start
that machine. So I can't wait to see you in that lecture. Have a good day. Bye.
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