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5 hours 19 minutes
Video Transcription
well, we have finally made it to the end of this course.
As a reminder. We talked in module one about preparing an organization for a cyber incident we talked to module to about identifying organizational assets and risk. And in the module three had a protected organization from a cyber incident module four was how to detect an incident and module five was how you respond to it.
And then the module six that we just wrapped up. We talked about how to recover from a cyber incident.
It has truly been my pleasure to be with you during these hours, and I hope you found this course valuable, and I hope you enjoyed it as much taking it as I did. Teaching it
as a summary of the entire course, we discussed how to write a detailed incident response plan for an organization. We talked about how to set the organization up for success prior to having an incident or breach to respond to.
We talked about the people, the processes and the technology is necessary to prevent, identify, detect, respond and recover from a cyber incident.
We also talked about collaboration and communication with internal stakeholders, vendors partners and external organizations during an incident.
And we really just covered the entire life cycle of incident response from preparation all the way through to recovery.
Well, thanks again for taking this course, and please do connect with me on Linked In or Twitter or send me an email. If you have a question. I hope you found this helpful and valuable. And I wish you the best of luck in your career in cyber security or whatever field you may be in or going into.