HTTrack Lab Part 2

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2 hours 37 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. In the last video, we went ahead and got logged into our lab environment. So again, we loved in this I bury, which we should have already been loved into. We search for our ethical hacking practice labs.
We've launched those again it took us into by default, took us into the newer lab environment. We backtracked in a little bit back into this older environment since we have our installation file located there. And now what we've done is we've accessed the hacking Web applications lab and we've turned on our all of our virtual machines.
Now again, the virtual machines maybe take 10 or 15 seconds to soda actually turned on. So just keep that in mind as you're going through this lab.
Now, what we're going to do is actually go ahead and get our HT track tool installed. So what we're gonna do here is we're gonna move on to step 16 in our lab document. So again, the slab document is available as a supplemental resource for you to download.
So we're gonna click on the A P lab win 701 machine. So it's a window seven machine. So if we click on it says 2nd 1 down,
just click on the name and it'll pull it up. It might take a few seconds or so, actually, pull it up.
All right, So our next step here is we're gonna launch Internet Explorer from the bottom task task bar, So just go ahead and click on the Internet Explorer icon is gonna launch you up and take us through the intranet page.
Now, if you get this pop about, do you want to disable add ons even to say, like Adam asked me later or just x out of it? We don't really care about that with this particular lab.
Let's go back to our lab documents, see where we need to go from here.
So, as I mentioned, we saw had seen that pop up box. Now we're at step 20 where we're actually gonna go ahead and find the installation file and install the tool. So we're gonna go to tools hacking tools and then we're gonna find our installation file.
Let's go and do that. Now is what is gonna click on tools here
on the Internet page.
We're to scroll down a little bit and we're gonna look for are hacking tools. So it's not too far down. We see her right there,
go ahead and click on that.
And now we're gonna scroll down again just a little bit, and we're gonna find our h t track
executed will file.
All right, So once we find that we're gonna go ahead, just click on it. So it's this GHT track dash 33.48 dot 19 dot t X c
Once you click on it, you're gonna get prompted at the bottom of your browser.
We're just gonna select the run button right there. Just go ahead and run the installation wizard.
So what that's doing that I'm gonna go back to our lab document.
So you see here that we went to tools, we went toe hacking tools and then we went to H T T track Dash three dot for 8.19 e x e. So he clicked on that it's downloaded that file. It asked us, Do you want to run this? Save it. What do you want to do? We went ahead and selected Run and you'll see there in the background that the installation wizard has opened up for us. Now,
what we're gonna do in the installation wizard is pretty easy. All we're gonna do is just basically next,
everything. And then just say yes to the license agreement. So we're gonna click on the next button, will go to the license agreement page. We're just gonna accept the agreement. And that word is basically just gonna next, next, next, all the way through until we see a ready T install button will click on that that will actually install the tool for us, and then we'll come back to this lab documents. So
a lot of steps here, but a lot of easy steps for you.
So here's our installation wizard. As I mentioned, we're gonna click next right here.
It takes us to our license agreement. You're welcome to read through that if you want to, But it's pretty much like every other license agreement you might read where you sign your life away in, in in in exchange for using that particular tool.
So what to say? Yes, I accepted that and just say next
next to this is well again. We just want to leave all the defaults alone next to this one next to this one. Here again, we want to leave that alone, just in case. If we ever wanted to launch it from the desktop, we're not gonna do that in this lab. We're actually just gonna launch it after we install it. But just in case to get that again kind of building that muscle memory for you as you do these different labs.
So just click on next year and then the install button
particular Marcel and you'll see it gives us a couple of check boxes there. So let's pause here for a second. We're gonna go back to our lab document.
All right, So you see, we covered all these steps here. We went ahead and actually installed the tool. Now we're here in this box where it says installation is complete.
What we see, as I mentioned as we have seen a couple check box is one of those is the view history dot t x t file checkbox. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna uncheck that bucks.
So this bottom box here, just click in there and you'll see it'll remove that check mark for us.
We want to leave that top one alone, Because again, we want to just go ahead and launch the tool once we click this finish button here.
So let's go and click the finish. But now
that's gonna launch the tool for us. My ticket go murder. So now it's gonna give us just a little pop up box here. So let's go back to our lab document. Just continue on with our steps.
All right? So we're here at step number 30.
We see the about wind, a CT track website, copyright center, center, papa box. We see the papa box. All we're gonna do with that, just click the okay. But
now, if you want to change languages, you could click in here and change. The language is personally I'm just going to finish this lab in English and not like Russian or Romanian, so we'll go ahead and just say okay to that.
All right, let's go back to our lab document.
So our next thing here, we're gonna actually start configuring and setting up our
we're gonna go ahead and click the next button,
and then we're gonna enter a project name in a project category, so those would be P lab and intranet. So let's go ahead and do that now. So we're gonna click the next button here.
You'll see we have our project name again. That's gonna be P lab,
all capital letters.
All right, And then we see our project category is intranet.
Let's go back to our lab document.
All right, so we've entered in P lab and we've entered in our intranet. So now what we're gonna do is click the next button.
All right,
Now what you see, you see a little pop up there. If you get any pop ups from your browser, you could just ignore those. If you get him from the computer, you can ignore those. If you leave it alone for a few seconds, you'll see it disappears where you can just click that little X to get rid of it.
Um, nothing we worry about for this particular lab. It'll
go back to our lab document.
So what we did is we entered the P lab Internet, and we clicked next. Now we're at the mere ING mode pages. If you see there, the background says maring mode at the top.
What we're gonna do is we're gonna click the add Uriel button and then we're gonna enter the intranet in the U R L box. So let's go and do that. Now swear to click on, add, you are ill
and then we're just gonna type in intranet. Now you notice that it automatically adds the http colon Ford's last four slash forest. So that's why all we have to do is type an intranet.
We're just going to say, OK, there,
let's go back to our lab document.
So now what we're gonna do, we're to click on the set options button.
We're gonna see a papa box that will open up for us,
and then we're gonna start moving through a configuring are different tabs in there. However, after we launch that pop up back, so I'm gonna go ahead and pause. This video will pick it back up in the next video with us actually configuring this tool.
So let's go ahead and do this last task real quick. So all we're gonna do is just click on the set options button right here.
All right, good deal. So you'll see all the tabs here and we'll talk about those in the next video
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