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Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we took a look at how control number 11 mapped up to the next cybersecurity framework.
In this video, we're just gonna talk briefly about the lab. So I want to stress that with this lab and the remaining two in this course, we do not have a step by step walk through video. But we do have a step by step guide for you to follow to go through the lab on your own. The reason we did this is to make sure that you get some hands on practice without the's step by step guidance
of an instructor
so you can find this step by step guide and the others inside of the resource is section of this course would be sure to download those, and they were literally walking through step by step of this lab.
This particular lab is going to be related to setting up a firewall, setting a different configurations and then testing that the configuration change we've made the rule change that we've made will actually block the traffic. That is supposed to
one thing to keep in mind with these labs is you always want to make sure to mark your progress, so you'll notice there's a task bar percentage down here at the bottom, right. If we select the next button there, you'll see that we have check boxes. And as we mark those check boxes, it will go ahead and mark thes particular task as complete.
So be sure to do that as you're going through this lab.
That way, you can get full credit for the lab once complete.
So again with this particular lab, you'll want to make sure you download this step by step guide again. This is found in the resource is section of the course, and in this particular lab you'll be give figuring a PF sense firewall, making a rule change specifically to block ICMP traffic. And then you perform a ping to see if it was actually successful or not.
In the next module, we're gonna talk about control number 12 which is boundary defense

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