Module 5 Summary

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4 hours 39 minutes
Video Transcription
welcome to less than 5.8. Let's just summarise what we learned here in this fifth module.
We discussed the test and release portion. Uh, we're running in our pipeline, and I took a look at some of the dass tools or capabilities. What for? Scanning the applications. Demo Jenkins. We had a dass to our pipeline, so it's getting a lot more mature now.
And we looked at maturing the delivery phase specific to the OAS deficit cops maturity model.
I looked at the I asked tools integrating them into your application, or at least in the development phase,
and then looked at their capabilities and then actually demoed it. And we saw what it looks like from the console of of a tool of re application actually getting attacked by a dash tool and what the voter or the reporting looks like. And then we compared the S ea from the I s tool
and the what We ran into pipeline just to see
what, what what we may have missed.
Here's a quick quiz I asked. Tool can replace the need for a desk and SAS scanners. Is this true or false?
Says this fall, says we mentioned? I asked. Tool has similar capabilities. Work unstick as assassin. The third party, the S E. A scanner, but it could only monitor attack. You need the dynamic tool to actually run against it to generate for it to see these patterns and identify vulnerabilities.
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