Common Reasons why a BCP Fails

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Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video we talked to, we talked through several things that you need to keep in mind. As you're actually writing out your business continuity plan
in this short video were to talk about some of the common reasons why ABC P might traditionally fail in your organization or fail to be approved in your organization.
So why does the BCP fail? Well, number one reason it normally fails, there's gonna be no support at all. So again, I've stressed many times you need that top down approach, right? You need somebody at the higher levels of management to say yes, this is an initiative that we actually want to do and this company and that we support. So we want to make sure it pushes through.
Also, a lot of times, the BCP is not holistic enough. So
a lot of people aren't taking into account all of the different areas of organization all the different critical systems and all of the different things that could go wrong for that particular organization. So when we talk about things like risk,
also ownership, who actually owns the BCP is that a department is an individual who actually owns this thing and is responsible for making sure that we're maintaining it on a consistent basis,
inadequate training or testing. So we're not training people properly on the BCP and what they need to do. So going back to the rules and responsibilities were not actually telling Joe Schmo over here like, Look, this is your responsibility during this particular thing. Make sure you know how to do this, and then we're testing him on that.
So if we're not doing those things, then we're setting him up for failure
using outdated documentation, not keeping our documentation of date again. That kind of goes back to the ownership, right? It's some if we know who owns it that we could follow up with them and say, Hey, why isn't this being updated? What's going out
and the responsibility again, going back to the, uh, the rules and responsibilities, like who actually is doing what?
So what kind of talk through in this video about the top reasons Why BCP my field now? That's not an all inclusive list that we cover, but these were some of the common things that may cause a B C p to actually feel
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