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7 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. And welcome back to breaking stuff with Jim. I is always in your host, Joe Perry. And as you might have noticed today, I'm recording from a special location instead of side Berries. Main office headquarters. I am actually recording out of my library at my home in Philadelphia, so slightly different take on it today.
The video that we're working on today, the one that we're gonna be working through is the tour
browser. Now, if you're not familiar with or it's a really useful tool, it's one of the most well known cyber security tools in the world. It is designed for anonymous present to enable anonymous browsing of the Internet. And so there's a lot of technical information about touring a lot of really useful information to know
that we're actually obviously not going to be able to cover in this six minute video. So instead, I recommend that after you've seen this once, you're familiar with the basics of poor
how to use it, how to load it up. I highly recommend you check out our d, mystifying the tor browser we're cutting through the mystique of the Tor browser video here on cyber very on demand.
It's a great course, very useful. It's going to do a very in depth, deep dive of the Tor browser, but you're on breaking stuff with Joe. We're here to do a quick and dirty learn what the tool is, figure out how to use it and then go break stuff. So that's what we're gonna do today. Stay tuned and learn more about the Tor browser here on breaking stuff with Joe
on Cyber Very on demand.
So before we actually start using the tool, we have to see how to get the tool. And how did insult resolutions a little bit rough here? Let's see if we can zoom in.
So what's happening here on screen is I'm just pulling down the Tor browser from the Tor Project.
It's kind of tough to see. I'll make sure that we include a link in the video. For some reason this bm arrest. Every time I switch back to the windows, being resolution gets really extreme again. That's okay. So we're downloading the Tor browser here. It's a pretty quick download and we're just like you said, just pulling it straight down from the Tor Project website
It's a really great project, a really awesome sort of effort, definitely something that
is worth supporting and getting a little bit of your attention and donation. So once the download is complete on my machine, it took about four minutes. Might take longer on yours. Once it's complete, we're just gonna go ahead and run it. I am not going to add start. Many want to stop short cuts,
and will it finish
and the tool spins up. It takes just a second.
Close this out
already on that. I might even try and fix this resolution.
That's right. Things in it on screen.
Sure enough,
more seriously. The likes of the process of downloading core is a very easy one. Running it isn't too terribly hard. It can take a little bit of time to spin up. That's just tends to be because of the fact that it's doing a lot. It's got a lot of initial phone home. It's gotta work on, and it's just kind of it's a process for that first run, so
it might take a little bit, um, gonna go ahead, make sure that it's actually running way. I wanted it to
started Tor browser from here and said, Just try trusting the wizard to do it for us.
There we go. Now it's up and running, and I'm sure the second window is soon to follow.
All right,
there you go.
now that we've got it up and running, all we have to do to actually join the Tor network is just hit. Connect. But before we do that, we can actually look at
the seven. So you can see here I use a proxy to connect to the Internet or tourist censored in my country.
Pretty straight forward settings process. It's It's pretty easy to use back in the day for those who may be used The Tor browser. You know, five years ago, you were taken you 10 years ago.
Uh, this used to be much, much, much more difficult. Process installing and running tour could take up to hours to do correctly. Now the wizard really does all the hard work for us,
so we've got it downloaded. We've got it up on screen, lets it connect,
and it loads up some network information and gathers a little bit of intelligence that it needs reaches out to the Tor network to gather sort of that initial connection process.
Find your nearest nodes.
This could take just a little bit. It takes too long. Probably use a little movie magic and skip ahead.
But what's happening? Like I said, here is just all of that. That initial auto run that I was saying often takes a while the tour. It's basically what's happening right now. It will. In my experience, it will generally be faster the next time you run it and you know it. Once you've gotten started using it, it'll load up faster most of the time. But that first round could take a little while. So don't be
surprise or concerned if that happens.
So here we are. This is the Tor browser. You can see you've got a duck duck, no search built into it. And it looks like everything is working this right now. The way you're gonna verify that you're actually on tour there actually connected through the Tor network is just by finding out what your I P addresses,
and you'll be able to pretty easily identify the fact that it's not the same one that your computer might normally have
and if you just go ahead and search, What's my I P address?
There's a great website that comes right out of the gate. Used to actually be in towards recommendation. The very first thing you do is not to get to this page to find out what your I P addresses.
So you can see here. It looks like three. I s p m coming from this from M i t.
And you can see that it's actually happening in India in the city of I'm not even gonna give that one a shop.
Yes, I am Guwahati. Maybe The point is that is very much not Philadelphia, where I am actually connected to the Internet. So very easy. You can immediately identify. Yep, we're online. We're safe. We're using the four browser and then you could navigate. Now one of the interesting things that used to run into a lot And I'm not entirely certain whether you will or not now
is that you would, because of where you were coming out of you would often have language problems. You have to translate pages
s. So that's one of one of the things that you often run into with tours because it's changing your source address, and it's changing a lot of information about your network connectivity. You can often run into issues where
service's you would anticipate working might not work. It's generally not recommended that you used to work along into things there
your Facebook, for example, or very easily identifiable addresses. Not because tour is vulnerable or anything like that. Just because if your purpose is to hide your activity and you start running thing, you start. You know opening pages. Add lots of trackers on them that go out of their way to identify what you're doing, what's happening.
You can cause information leads, and you can reduce the efficacy in the usefulness of this tool.
But that's all there really is to towards a pretty easy tool to get up and running. Once upon a time, this creep in a very long, very frustrated videos, I tried to make the darn thing work. Today we just download it from its repo and we hit Connect. That's all there is for this video. Thank you all for watching breaking stuff. Joe here on cyber very on