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Video Transcription
either. Welcome this course titled Azure Storage Accounts. In this first lesson, we're going to take an introduction to the course and the instructor.
And speaking of your instructor, let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff Brown. I've been a system administrator, primarily working in the Microsoft space with technologies like Windows Server Exchange Server, Skype for business office 3 65 and I'm a big fan of power show.
I hold several certifications, including Microsoft's M. C. S, A and M. C S C, as well as a few azure certifications.
I enjoy hiking and visiting national parks, as you can see in some pictures on the right.
If you have any questions about this course, or you just wanna chat about technology subjects, you can find me at my blawg at Jeff brown dot tech or on Twitter at Jeff W. Brown.
But enough about me. Let's get into what this course is all about and who does four have real discourse is for anyone who might be working in Azure. Whether you are a cloud administrator, architect or developer,
they're gonna be concepts and each lesson that can apply to each of these rolls.
Now let's take a look at some of the prerequisites we need before we get started. In this course,
First out recommend an introductory knowledge of Azure, such as concepts found in the A Z 900 exam.
We have an excellent course here on cyber ery that covers this, and I recommend going through it or at least having familiarity with some of the subjects in it.
Next, I would definitely be comfortable working inside the azure portal. We're gonna be working in there, creating our storage accounts and messing with some of the configurations throughout this course.
Finally, you're gonna need access to some type of azure subscription, whether it's your own using pay as you go.
Or maybe you have credits through an option like visual studio, formerly known as an MSD and subscription.
You also have the option of signing up for a free account for the first month up to $200 credits as well as additional free services for the next 12 months. You can sign up there by going to a k a dot M s slash azure free.
Now recommend that if you do sign up for this as you're free and there's an option for support later on. Be sure to select the option of not needing any support contract. You won't be needing that. Why you are learning these concepts inside your as your free subscription.
Next, let's talk about my learning objects for you. In this course, we're gonna talk about understanding storage account configuration options. So we know to select when we go create our storage account.
Well, look at creating various storage account services and how they could meet are different business needs.
Well, look at securing access to storage account services, which is hugely important with cloud services as we see breaches with these every single day.
Finally, we're gonna talk about how we can manage uploading data into our storage accounts
that does it for this first lesson. It's very short in this lesson. We talked about our course overview,
our instructor introduction.
We took a look at our prerequisites for the course
and as well as our learning objectives of what will be covering
coming up next, we're going to go into our first module and talk about understanding our storage account configuration options. See you in the next episode
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