Module 7 Summary

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8 hours 28 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and congratulations on the completion of the credential access module of the application of the minor attack family discussions. So what should we know at this point in our learning? Well,
we talked about potential access, and this particular phase of minor is wind at threat. Actor attempts
to steal account names and passwords. And again, those techniques used were kilo being credential dumping and stealing from Web browsers. Now we also went over another. A number of areas such as Bash history and how credentials can end up in a bass history found
we looked at brute forcing as a means of using password lists and things that nature to guest credentials.
We did credential dumping discussions as faras how a user would go about
having those dumped from a D or something of that nature stealing hashes and then stealing Web session cookies from browsers and things that nature. And of course, we went through mitigation techniques for all these areas as well. So congratulations again. And with that, I thank you for your town today and I look forward to seeing you again
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