Module 10 Summary

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8 hours 28 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello And congratulations on the completion of the collection phase of the minor attack from working these discussions. So this is our summary video. And what should we know at this point?
Well, with respect to collection, what we should remember is that this is when a threat actor is collecting data of interest or data that meets their goals. Typically, this leads to data exfiltration and common information of interest include things like browser data, audio data, video data and email information and much, much more.
So within our particular discussions,
we covered the following bits of information. We looked at audio capture.
We talked about clipboard data and got a nice little example going there and data from local systems and just some our that could be used to collect information there. Again, we looked at some mitigation techniques and detection techniques across the given areas, focusing primarily on in user awareness training for mitigation purposes
and from a detection standpoint, looking at
fast groups of data to determine whether or not threat actors are active on our systems. And so again, congratulations. And with that, I want to thank you for your time today, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
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