7.3 IoT Cloud Providers

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Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Iraqi Security episode Number 28 80. Cloud Service is providers
a meaningful 100 Nair and I'll be your instructor for today session.
The learning opportunities. It's to understand and be able to identify some. I am T cloud service providers.
There are tons of riders out there and will focus and tree of main providers. Things doesn't mean that they provide the best service is. Or maybe they do.
It's just that they had the beast. You know, the bigger suite off surfaces you can use some of them free.
It's also doesn't mean that they hold the biggest market chur, or that they are better than their competitors. There's some other provider there, us good as they are, just, you know, want to. I just wanted to, you know,
no some aspects you should able late arriving or ever compared when dealing
when selecting a 90 close service provider. So don't let the names make you confused that do shoot, you know, just you still go to your investigation off their servicers. Morning that,
and select the wonder. You know,
I've just to urinate. It's still best.
So let's start by, um
I'm talking about the hub.
You know, you know the tool that lets the things or that or that you know, that the device is connected
easily and securely. You know, that simplifies the device cloud on the device to device communication.
Um, for example, I'm son has something called Coyote Court.
Um, which uses several components, like the green grass I a t one click I NT device defender. I tty device manager. The all of them *** are giving you the Nashes experience we're dealing with. I think communications between the devices
and between the devices to the cloud
Microsoft has something called Don t have an anti etch. Basically, how we connect between the device is living in the same infrastructure or in the same saying Internet or devices leaving, you know, maybe
it's stealing your same ah
business, but in different
locations. So that's something to consider as well. And Google has the 80 Cora's well, which is, you know, in this case, I will go to I will say that Amazon has the biggest sweep and the biggest
modules you can use stick to, you know, make different kind of connections between your devices and your advice is the club. You know, Amazon has something called thing shadow, which just, you know, intermediary between the controlling applications and reality device
things shadow leverage. The M Q T T Protocol. Remember way saw that protocol.
Uh, well, in the beginning of the course and, you know,
leverage this mgt protocol, you know, it would pretty find topics that can be used to drug with service on the devices. So in this case, would they have meaning that how how devices connect between each other and how devices connected the club? I will say the Amazon whence is wrong.
Then we have analytics, which is, you know, that's happy solicitation, that they starched blocks that they are monitoring device, plowed messaging and ladies can be done through the service is.
And in this case, I assume has something hold cloudwatch Andi. Oh, I will get you off the names of the module so you could be aware of them.
Um, has something cold. Quicksight I'm not some key Nass's and I t ana ladies.
Um uh, this case, idly Microsoft has the biggest week because at the end, has Asher monitor for worthy. I always be. I mean, have you ever checked That isn't an outstanding toe. I used every day for a pretty important
And maybe data doesn't give you much if your pull pulling that from, you know, a database and grating
bar graphics or something. That But if you put that true power bi I it will give you serious data up
is at the end. It will give you maybe references that you didn't know they exist. And not only that, but he will also give you really, really cool cool graphics. So I will recommend you to use that. Ah, and you can point me that you can use it and you get connected to other vendors
in my, you know have problems. But
you can look into other benders in case you're still want to go for a different cloud service provider. But you want to You can still use that probie. I too great. A graphics
America's of also has Asher storage actually Evan hubs and stream analytic. So
then Google have has big query, a good boot and you know a good model for for Google.
Ah, a start Driver up, enjoying and compute in John,
As I told you before. I think my herself with this rounds at the M E has bigger suite and pull my billet polar B. I has a really, really good ah analytics enjoying. But Little's has cool graphics. And, you know, maybe that's not important for you. But for some managers
having a graphic that can
actually, um,
helping make decisions, that's really, really useful.
So that's up to you again. You know, I'm a son. You know, I have two rules and giant functions on decisions point to determine whether the data should be routed to any additional actions to take on the data.
That's that's something that poor B I does is Well, um well, I'm somewhere. Absolutely, myself. I'd leak quince this round
and finally and no, I don't. Not important. Actually. I believe the most important point executed.
Uh, you know, cloud devices connections can be satisfied with different methods. And this providers, I believe in this case, Google has the upper hand is at the end. They will deal hard. T l s device cloud encryption.
They have Hawkins fails. They'll have Kate the capability to use certificates which is ruled by date. By the way,
vertical X file nine
on and they know it, they can. If Holden support this means that all then can support a guy meaning public infrastructure.
but, you know, in this case, in this case, Google has our identity management for user and groups. Microsoft has that. But, you know, it's limited to what active directory could do. And I believe who has a better implementation of this,
and he can implement newspaper articles like elliptic
elliptic. You're, uh probably I'm sorry. Encryption
algorithms. And I believe you know, Google has the upper hand here.
So, based upon all we have talked so far, uh, let me give you a compilation of these providers. Maybe, you know,
you can take your own decision at the end.
The advantages of Amazon is the down is
he has the biggest market shirt for open
over 10 years.
Uh, this just so you know, um, the functions that the cloud service is on are not on Lee, already white or also still rolling. You can Maybe the modules that I mentioned right now are You know, it will. You will have more modules in the future.
Um, he has an enterprise rarely features the communications are done very well. And it has something called free Rto sze thes free arc Eos is, you know, a marketing leading riel. Time off a 30 system
on, you know, the de facto standard for some microcontrollers and smarmy creek ancestors. So having that, um, in your in your and your empty cloud, it will help you a lot.
Asher, uh, or power bi I I believe they're there. Go to So that's an advantage is also you has rate integration with, you know, Microsoft somewhere like office SQL Server. And you know that the service is
so if you already have a lot of Microsoft Internet where maybe my person might be your go to
in ah, Google. You know, uh,
it has several. A bunch is like,
for example, he has a good mongoose os. And sure it o s on your you know, there are they the Sapporo Systems have ah,
they are implanted in several identity devices. So goalies wider, maybe, and make fuller. So I started to use the Google house, so that's another advantages, you know, But I don't want to leave aside. Some other great are closer was provided like IBM Watson.
You know the machine learning. And you know the raspberry pi support of this provider is outstanding.
This is something you should also consider an injured injured pockets is limited. And just do. Once you go to the club, you should see some upper good up inserts options like cup, the key a platform oppressors, harbor integration, for example. Things speak block firm,
which is which has a free
I didn t management. That's something cool. And, you know, you should you should ever wait. All of them.
What is free? Artie? Oh, so well, as we discussed, this is something that, um
um son is simplemente in and has it is a real time operating system. And in the case, free archeo ZX R us and very eyes the factor sunder for solution and several microcontrollers
course for B I. Well, it's an analytics tool from Microsoft. It will help you to fine
relation between the data and make educated decisions. And we'll also give you really, really cool graphics.
What is machine learning? Well, machine learning is something it's It's really, really any topic, I believe years booming Ryan Now
for you know,
the past few years and is the sighing of getting computers to learn the act like humans do. I improved their learning overtime at you know our time. Well, time passes, they're learning.
Uh, and they do that by feeding the data on information in the form off observations and real world interactions.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed some I A T cloud service is providers on what you should be looking for when selecting the writer for your infrastructure.
Ah, well, you can check all the clouds off the Trumaine clouds. But again, the limit your investigation to that. For example, I t. Wesson. I'm sorry. Cloud Thick Cloud provider for my being. Which school? Weston isn't Stanley outstanding provider, and you should definitely take a look at
looking forward in the next video will review the main on basic Coyote Club controls. Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you endure the video and talk to you soon.
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