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Video Transcription
they have won. In the last video, we wrapped up our discussion of vulnerability scanning. So in this video, we're just gonna show you where the vulnerability assessment is in the cyber lab environment. And then, as I mentioned before the end map, one is actually a downloadable document of commands that I want you to practice with and go through and make sure you understand what you're doing with those commands.
So here in the cyber, a sight if you search for the word vulnerability and I've actually were detected in there. But if you type in the word vulnerability, you'll see many results. Pull up. What we're looking for is this vulnerability scan option right here. So if you click on that, that's actually gonna be the assessment for this course regarding vulnerabilities.
So you'll see here that your launch button. If we go ahead and launch that
and we cook on the launch item button, just like with any other lab that we have here, you'll see it actually opens up and gives us the information that we need to solve for this particular lap. So the challenge file will be right here. That'll be the file that you'll need to then go through the rest of this assessment. I'm not going to provide you a step by step for this.
And you're also not going to be provided with a video that walks you through this.
So keep that in mind. This is actually basically capture the flag to make sure that you can understand the material that you've learned so far.
So we see a different information here, and you may have to do some Google searching, et cetera. But I found that this was a good lab for you to do a good assessment for you to do to actually hone your skills and give you ah, good skill set to walk away from this course with. So I just want to show you where that was, how to search for it in the system.
Now, if you're not using the cyber labs, if you don't have access to it for some reason,
then what I want you to do is something slightly different in the aspect of just practicing more with different vulnerabilities scanners, lycopene, Voss and stuff like that and just getting really proficient in those. But for everybody else that has access to the cyber labs basically had to be a paid user to get access to those, go ahead and do this assessment as well as he and Matt command one
on. Make sure you understand all those things. So that way, when you go into a job interview or something, you can talk to talk and also walk the walk.
So I just want to show you this real quick. In the next video, we're gonna jump into our conclusion video of the course and talk about everything that we've covered so far.
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