7.1 Understanding Wide Area Networks Part 1 - MTAN

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Welcome back to savories Mt. A 98 3 66 network and Fundamentals Certification Prep course.
Again, we began a new module and its martyrs title module Number seven. Now, in this particular module, we're going to focus attention from less than seven understanding wide area networks in particular defining common went technologies and connection. So let's take a look at the objectives for this course instruction, and they are as follows.
First of all,
understand routers,
understanding, quality, service,
defining common wind technology and connection. So let's take a look at a pre assessment before begin this course of instruction,
this question is follows. Extract 25 frame relay or examples, or what type of women taking outwards? Why'd every network type technology? Is it a circus switching?
Is it be connection switching or that See packet switching or DIY network switching?
If you like the sea, you're absolutely correct.
These types of packet switching service is including extra 25 frame relay.
That brings us to the topic of rounding. Now, when you think about writing, writing is the process is like in a path for traffic in a network or between all across multiple networks broadly rotting US. Perform in many types of networks, including circuit switch networks such as your public switch,
telephone network and computer networks such as your as the Internet.
Now we think about running. You have to methods of, Rather, you either do it dynamically or you knew static Static is a route is one that has been namely configured. Why, when you think about Dynamic is one that has been implement by dynamically with special routing protocol. We'll talk about some different types of rotting protocol
that enable us to be able dynamically route. The information. Rock the packages across the network.
So the first thing we have us call again, we think why dynamic were on his infant by dynamic and figure in writing tables. Some example. Be discussing his rip
writing information protocol. Open Shortest Path First Interior Gate Re writing protocol is was broader. Gateway Protocol A, B G P.
First, they don't talk about our our i p call Rip.
Now rotting Information Protocol is one of the oldest distant victor rotting protocols, which employs the hop count as a rotting metrics. Or are people events running loops by? Implement a limit on the number of hops a lot in the path from the source to the destination.
You have two version out birds and one as what Berzin
the next photograph been talking about for routing is called Open Shortest Path. First, it's a running protocol for in that protocol networks. They use a link state routing algorithm and falls into the group of Into Your Gateway Protocols, operating within a single autonomous system.
Again, it's defined as open shortest path first version, too, and it risks and request for comments. 23 28.
This brings us to again when you think about writing protocol. We have a term called Interior Gate Rewriting Protocol, which again is a protocol developed by Cisco, is used by robbers to exchange routing data within an autonomous system. I G R P is a proper proper terry Proprietary. Other words. Protocol
again has created by system.
We have a broader gateway protocol, which is a steady guys exterior gateway protocol, design, exchange, rotting and reach ability. Information among autonomous systems on the Internet. Protocol is classified as a path victor type protocol.
Next night, his shows here, how we go about the process, actually configuring again routing
within her window's environment.
Another term that you perhaps heard in the past call quality service.
It's not what force says. Job is John one. That's not Listen. What we're seeing here, quality service is, is basically is a description or measurement of the overall performance of a service such as a telephone or computer network or cloud computing servicing, particularly but former, seen by the users of the network.
So basically the innocent last set of standards and making him that sure high quality performance.
Now, when you think about when technology, a computer network that spans ready to the large geographical area typically ah, when consists of two or more local area networks? Computer connect to a wider we never offered connected through what we call public networks, such as a telephone system. They can also, we can't do what we call least lines
or satellites
When you think about packet switching. It's a digital network transmission process in which data is broken into suitable sized pieces off blocks for fast and efficient transfer of ear different devices. These packages are then rotted by network devices to their final destination.
You think about extra 25 It's a name given to a suite of protocol used for packet switch
packet switch wide area networks. Communication is defined by the International Telegraph and Telephone Ah Consultative Committee, back in 1976 is the oldest packet switching type technique available and was common used before the open system interconnection or side reference model became the standard.
Here's a screenshot taking a look again at Exxon 25
Basic data is gathered by the router known as a path, but the Rotterdam assembles the entire lot until we called jump packages. The past sends a package to again the C s u slash D. S. You high speed digital data exchange device as serious information
This particular vices equivalent of a modem for the entire local area type network.
His example. Showing a screen shot of ex 0.25 package,
then force packet switching exchange
packet switching is a digital network transmits and prices which dad is broken to what we call a super sized pieces of blocks for fast efficient transfer. So when you have a computer attempt to send a file to another computer, the file's broken two packages so they could be sent across the network in the most efficient way.
These packets are then routed by network devices to their final destination.
So when you think about when you connect to lands together, we have a central connected device, which is around that allows the route information between the different the two different local area networks.
Now, when you have a term called Virtual Switch
Virtual Circus, in other words, it's a means of transmitting or transporting down over Pakistan. Which network and in such a way that appear that though there is a dedicated physical layer link between the source and destination and the end system of this data, the term virtual circus is synonymous with Berta Connection and Birch. Oh, channel.
Well, you think about hops
basically, and computer network in the hop is one portion of a path between the source and the destination data package has passed through bridges, rodders and gateways as a trouble between source and destination. Each time package passed to the next network advice. It's a hot occurs
not for us. What are some of the advantage of exercise 25?
Obviously, if any data fails, Excite 25 automatically covers and sends it again it allows shared access among the multiple users on your locator and network has the air up the error for error and flow control.
Also pricing for share of Pakistan, not per minute. So that's so again. This is just some of the advantages of the extra 25.
Now, when you think about a frame relay,
Ah, frame relay is a standout wide area. Network technologies specified. The physical and data link layers off a digital telecommunications channels, using a packet switching tight. What we call methodology
again, obviously, framework is the advancement of extra 25 packet switching, so it's an advancement if you think about it. It's a newer former packet switching designed for faster connections.
This brings us to a T one miss type connection.
We think. What a mess Networking is a type of network topology in which a device know transmits owned out as well. I serves as a relief. Other knows, writers are used to provide the best and most efficient, down a path for effective communication. Now, T one is a data transfer system
that transfer digital signature. If you think about a T one line,
it transmits the old visible signals at 1.51 point 544 megabytes per second, quite a bit faster than your traditional or what we call the 56 k motive, which maxed out at around
0.5 megabytes per second. Most small to midsize colleges and businesses have t one lines for the Internet connection Because of the T, one large band, with 100 people can be assessing in that from one T. One line
again. A frame relay is a steady eyes wide area type network technology that specify the physical and data link layer of the disagreement. Dead digital. Other words. Telecommunication channeling using what we call a Pakis type switching methodology.
We also have permanent virtual switches. Again, this is a connection that is permanent. Established wing two or more knows other words were telling my computers or some of that advice in a frame relay, and it's asynchronous type transfer
again. Network enables the creation of a local logical what we call connection on top of a physical connection between the note that communicate frequently or continually.
That brings us to a post assessment quest question For this particular section here.
The course is followed. What does a T one run at? What speed other words is a 1.5 44. Is it be full 440.5 megabytes per second, or C 44.7 megabytes per second or D, 128 megabytes per second?
Obviously, if you selected a you're absolutely correct. 81 is an actual truck carrying circuit that's brought into a company. It runs as a dedicated high speed links or have other share technology running on top of it, such as frame relay in I S D N. It's again, it's consider again. The speed is 11.5 44
megabytes, poor second
and our upcoming presentation. We were moving on and our discussion again off this particular marker, and we were discussing Part two of this martyr defining common wide area network technology and connections
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