7.0 AWS Introduction

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hello again cloudy ones and welcome to the so big and so bad It's nationwide module seven of cloud architecture Foundations are deep Dive into Amazon. Web service is This is where we really roll up our sleeves on the number one and global public cloud market share. Amazon Web service is there will be lecture. There'll be demonstrations.
There might even be a little bit of fun squeezed in there as well.
So let's get on our propeller heads and spent of some virtual machines. And cloud service is in this monster level. Five tornado in the sky A W S.
So according to synergy research and your public cloud stance as a February 2019 A W. S is the king of the cloud. Infrastructure is a service and platform is the service. New numbers from synergy research shows that market revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 today ws a share of market revenue
has grown up more than 35% of the global public cloud market
market metric show, however, that Microsoft reserves business is growing the fastest among the top players and has pushed almost 15% of global market share in the top 52 other global providers, Google in Alabama, also saw the revenues grow.
But IBM, which is fourth on the list, saw a slight decline in their revenues. This energy research analyst say that IBM has a different model and that what they're trying to do and what they have been successful in doing is they're the leader in hosted private Crown Service's
I've been in the I T industry for a long time in this $150 billion cloud industry still feels new, and that had emerged out of thin air and overnight. But Amazon Web service is AWS has been the pioneering and leading cloud computing platform provided by amazon dot com. For over 15 years,
A W S grew out of the need to eight Amazons own developers and improve the overall efficiency of the company's own infrastructure.
The initial beta release of the service, originally named amazon dot com Web service, offered soap and XML development interfaces to the Amazon product catalog. This became a welcome addition to many developers in the marketplace and was the first steps by Amazon to embrace the potential of developer friendly tools, and in particular
at the inn first in the infrastructure space as an actual product that could go to market.
In 2003 it became abundantly clear to Amazon's leadership team that infrastructures of service gave them a huge advantage over the competition. And from that a grander idea emerged that a combination of infrastructures of service and developer tools could become a pseudo operating system for the Internet and by isolating different parts of the infrastructure,
compute power storage and data base
and having developed a friendly tools to manage them, it would be possible to change the marketplace and winsome new customers publically launched on March 19 2000 and six. A. W s offered simple storage service s three in the last two Compute Cloud E C. Two Other service is like simple Q service. Sqs were soon to follow
by 2009 s3 and easy to
are launched in Europe and the elastic block store CBS was made public and service is like the powerful content delivery network. Cdn, an Amazon cloudfront all became formal parts of the AWS public cloud offering not only did a a W s frame the public cloud,
but by creating developer friendly service is cloud ready customers.
Amazon was able to frame partnerships with data hungry in enterprises such as Netflix Drop box and read it all before 2010 4 years of a W s going to market a truly amazing story, this Amazon thing no pun intended.
So according to gardeners, infrastructure is a service Magic Quadrant in 2017 Amazon and A W S has been named the leader for seven years in a row and leading by a whole lot. But it's a lot more than just revenues and market share that AWS is a leader in the public cloud and public infrastructure is a service space.
Amazon and A W s continues to build on the platform and do amazing things.
A W S arguably has become too many enterprises. They're operating system for the Internet. If you need to build an application from scratch on top of an infrastructure service, well, here you are. You got one. If you need a great platform to provide, compute in storage service is well, there's several ways to go about it with just a few clicks and a credit card. Here you are,
but Amazon and a W s doesn't just build things. That's a service. They continue to be very crafty and dominating competitors.
Recently, when AWS didn't like the way the market was changing in using elasticsearch, a powerful open source software search engine tool A W. S released their own version of elasticsearch. Microsoft also plays in the open source software space and then by his open source development platform. Get help for seven and 1/2 $1,000,000,000
and then sales force
purchases meal saw for six and 1/2 1,000,000,000. So the players compete in, acquire technology to better their platform and gain competitive advantage. A ws for now has a clear market advantage and continues to lead an innovation and vision in the public cloud infrastructure arena, where $150 billion up for grabs and at stake.
And you and I, with our I T skills and are ever broadening and strengthening resumes, and our I T networks
are all part of this amazing cloud. Business and public cloud is a service industry.
So, according to a W asked, the AWS cloud spanned 66 availability zones with 21 geographic regions around the globe and has announced 12 more availability zones and four more regions to be deployed in brain Capetown, Jakarta and Milan.
A. W S provides a more extensive global footprint than any other cloud provider, and it opens up new regions faster than other providers
to support its global footprint and ensure customers were served across the world. AWS maintains multiple geographic regions where each region provides full redundancy and kid activity to the network. In A W S region consists of multiple availability zones or a Z's, and typically there are three of them each,
which is a fully isolated partition of the AWS infrastructure.
They consist of discrete data centers, each with redundant power networking and connectivity, and each housed in separate facilities and availability. Zone gives the customer the ability to operate production applications and databases that are more highly available, fault, tolerant and scalable. That would be possible from a single data center
and again, there are typically three availability zones
for each AWS region.
Cloudfront, which is Amazon's content delivery network, or CDN, allows users and providers that network to deliver their content to end users with lower Leighton, see the Amazon. Cloudfront uses a global network of 187 points of presence, which consists of 176 edge locations and 11 regional edge caches.
The Amazon Conference infrastructure is in 69 cities and across 30 countries.
The Amazon Cloudfront network has optimized for performance and is continuously monitoring and measuring Internet connectivity performance in computing so that the network learns the best way to rout request in the network, taking into account performance load operational status and other factors to deliver the best user and user experience in real time.
So, according to an Amazon Web service, is case study.
Online content provider Netflix can support seamless global service by using Amazon Web service is a W S A. W s enables Netflix too quickly deploy thousands of servers and terabytes of storage within minutes.
The ADA B s developer engines and service is so it is a W s cloud9 codestar an X ray or a huge set of developer tools that help users get their software to deliver safely. Meaning it's all about for the developers and 90 operation teams making their end user experience is in business outcomes better. The AWS sweet a developer tools help organizations build,
test and deploy their applications
and then deliver them to the required destinations. The tools help monitor, store and provide surveillance to the application source code A W s Cloud nine as a developer tool that helps run right on debug code With the help of her browser, A W s codestar helps the user develop building deploy applications
with Coach Star. The entire delivery tool chain can be set up in minutes, so application deployment could be fast and agile.
A W s X ray helps developers analyze and debug. They're distributed applications with X ray. You can understand how your application and its underlying service's or performing so that you can identify in trouble shoot the root causes of performance issues and performance errors.
So on behalf of all of us cybersecurity 90 Learning team, Let's jump to the jungle. So thanks for joining us. Take care. And with the power of everything we're gonna learn in module seven, we're gonna have low latent Cee Lo delay and absolutely no jitter in our network. So for now, take care. Thanks for joining us.
And happy packets
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