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Video Transcription
somewhere. Here is your data in transit. It is encrypted and securely moving around
locally or globally from one node to another.
This is your data at rest. It is sitting encrypted in the cloud on your mobile devices on your organization's fervor on your local computer's hard drive or on USB drives.
This is your data in use.
Data in use is one. It's encryption shield is removed and the data is loaded in memory for processing by applications. This unencrypted state of your data is where today's data breaches take place because this is where it is vulnerable,
and this is where it is stolen by malware or copied by malicious insiders.
Until now, data in use could not be protected because of limitations in technology.
Introducing a one follow the world's first data breach prevention product that protects your data in use in addition to at rest and in transit. As a result, it stops data breaches due to malicious insiders, compromise devices and compromise networks.
That was the Day one file oh, product announcement video, which gave a graphical representation of the states of data and how a one followed, protects data in all three states
This is an overview of how a one logics patented technology has been used in a one logics, a one file oh product to protect files and how a one follow meets all the security principles discussed so far.
Other applications of Abel logics technology can protect databases, streams and tokens. Let's summarize the core value proposition of a one follow in one long sentence, as explained in the 81 follow announcement. Video
a one father protected data in use in addition to address and in transit and stops data breaches from malicious insiders, compromise devices and compromise networks and maintains confidentiality, integrity and on repudiation,
a one file Oh uses implicit, multi factor authentication to protect data. It uses what you know and what you have.
Specifically Ah, user name and password is used in addition to the computers TPM chip. Since this TPM chip is probably already inside your computer, it is implicit multi factor authentication, which requires no change to the user experience. Also, a one follows TPM usage design unties the decrypt ability
of the files
to the physical computers oven enterprise. Even if the data has been exfiltrate ID,
this means that even if your data stolen. It cannot be opened outside because they don't have physical computers to decrypt them with using the T P M chip.
A one follow makes very realistic security assumptions by assuming malicious insiders, compromise devices and compromise networks. It uses security through isolation, rooted in hardware to protect data and is resilient to steganography due to its algorithmic. Rather than hear a stick approach.
Finally, by forcing encryption on files, it is secured by default and insecure by exception. If allowed by the idea. Inman,
a one follow, implements separation of duties and has an almost unchanged user experience so that users do not have to change their habits or learn new things. In fact, there is a lot happening behind the scenes, but the user just sees a regular Windows desktop without even having to interact explicitly with a 15
One of the big strengths of a one follow
is that it is both backward compatible with legacy applications and Ford compatible with future applications, and can protect applications and file types that Abel much it doesn't even know about A one logics technology forces encryption to follow the file database cell or streams wherever they may end up. Finally,
a one father provides immutable and cryptographic
auditing for every single file in the enterprise.
Four fouls that were created, modified or opened, in fact, for each file, the I T M and can see analytics, including Time stamp with millisecond granularity, the user name, device, name, Final name and action performed on the file.
A one followed does not look at the data it is protecting and treats all data the same.
Therefore, it protects both structured and unstructured data equally well.
It is designed with crypto agility in mind for plausible cryptography and currently uses the U. S. Government's N'EST 801 75 the cryptography standards as approved for US military applications.
Thank you for your time and attention in this course. If you have any more questions about data breaches, cyber security or a one follow or would like to see a demo,
please visit us at a one logic dot com e. Mail us at info anyone logic dot com or tweet to us at a one logic
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