6.3 Hardening the Server and Client Part 3

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Hello and welcome back to sob Aries Mt. A 98 3 67 Security Fundamentals Certification Prep course.
Again, this particular Marjorie is a continuation on margin number five, hardening their server and decline.
Now let's take a look at that little objectives and the order in which they would be covered. The following new moon Just discuss in this particular last video in this Siri's off margin number five, and they are as follows will be discussing using security baselines. Locking down devices were only trusted applications,
and that's when I said Needs which managing wonder store APS.
Let's begin by first start by engaging in a pre assessment course, too,
Which the following is used to stop a program for running on Windows 10 system. Is it a AP locker? Be privacy, See Winners Defender or the smart card? If you said Let the A you're absolutely correct,
so we will begin by first are discussing what it's Microsoft based on security. Analyze all about now. This was released. Is it get off Season two that I'll analyze your system for the following information such as your Windows operating system version. What using Microsoft Information Service is version. Microsoft SQL survey version
checks for your hot fix. It also looks your passwords
you can use Macs are based on analyzer to run checks against local or remote computers. The two room runs on Lee on Wonders again dot net service XB Windows 2000 when it's 10. So far have we can use the two to scare remote computers that run winners anti four point old service Back or later,
this brings us to dynamic again secure dynamic D. N s. Now what that is an essence is basically it's a mechanism by which is serving name, server in and domain server. It's automatic. Update it with a custom domain name and ever changing our P address in general
a dot every I P addresses provided to residential or small business users.
Again, It's very important again
that you keep your dead *** secure because because obviously again, what could happen in situations like that? People aren't time. We have a term called poisoning with someone actually pours in again. Essentially, from a technological standpoint, you're Deanna Server, and they can actually you have give out faulty information, and as a sort of that
it can cause issues later on down the line.
Another thing that we can engage in its call using security baselines. Now you may acts water security baseline. It is. Basically it's a defined as a set of basic security HQ objectives, which must be met by any given service or system.
The objectives are chosen to be prime attic and complete, and two do not impose cocoa beans.
Now the minimum security controls required for safeguarding again. Consider, you're what we call our baselines many of these sittings our security related settings that must be managed within your particular organization.
Another thing that we can utilize its call security templates now security temperance of text files that are used to organize configure and men security on your computer's. Throughout our winners based enterprise, one security template is configured. You can use it configure a single computer or motor computers
on your network. In fact, you could have to use a G P O to deploy that out.
They make a present. If you set up your central baseline security for all your service, you can configure on one computer utilizing that considered a template, and then you can actually, uh, put that actually put it out or deployed throughout your enterprise. Realizing what we call group policies.
Another important thing to be a website called a security compliance manager. Now this is our free to from Microsoft that enables you to quickly configure and manage computers in your environment, using group policies as what it's a Microsoft System Center
configuration type manager.
Forced lock in on our devices. App Locker is a successor of software prescription policy. Introduce first and one is X p and one of 2003 computers. The at black Oh, it can be used to a lot, or that neither execution applications such as dot e x dll and so four you can define the rules based upon
the attributes from a foul
that forced Microsoft store form unknown is one. The store is a digital distribution platform sponsored by Microsoft. It started out as an app store for Winners eight and win us against Server 2012 as the primary means of describing again universal Windows platform type applications
now forced the again. You can configure your your winter store because it provides a central location for purchasing and downloading again. The various winter zaps the winner store does not run on one of seven earlier versions, but that story a tends to be smaller and faster than obscene. We really consider our desk type
desktop type applications
again. You can also go by the process. Implement again. When the store wraps, you can actually search for the wonders app. They're quite easy. All you have to do is type of search term
again and Mike's. Improvise a list of available APS for you as well.
Additional information regarding implement and Windows Store After business, you can use the store to find, acquire, describe it and managed after your organization. The winter store Forbidden supports volume purchases of your Windows APS flexible disposition option and ability to reclaim or reuse licenses as well.
You can also create a a private store for your employees
that includes APS from the one you store as well as organizational private APS.
You can also create a private store, as I mentioned before again so again, with wondrous after again, it is able us to support those larger organization, particularly owners that need to control which acts are installing the organization on computers. You could also create up as I mentioned on private store for your employees. That includes APS for the winter store. That's what's your organization's? Well,
now. Don't us predict the presentation or particular margin on the fire? We discuss protecting a client computer. We look that managing the client security using Windows defender but technology. Email. Securing Internet Explorer Configure Microsoft Edge. Protecting your server Using the security baseline locking down devices that will only trust in applications
as well as men. Assume Windows Store APS as well.
Now let's conclude by engaging in a post assessment question which in and explore zone is the least secure? Is it a in that zone?
Be local Internet Zone C Trusted site zone or rescript This site zone.
If you said Let the baby, you're absolutely correct.
So either the top is that we'll discuss
during a particular margin Number five, which again, this is the last video in that Siri's
and that concludes this particular again. Dump Cyber is 98 3 67 again, security fundamentals
Look forward to seeing your future training presentations
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