5.1 Implementing TCP/IP in the Command Line - MTAN

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Welcome to Sob Aries Empty, A 98 3 66 Network and Fundamentals Certification Prep course.
Let's begin. My first are taking a look at a new module now. In this particular model, we could be folks attention upon the discussion off Implement TCP. I pee in the command line.
With that being said, let's take a look at the objectives the rejected RS follows first. Or we begin by first saw discussing understanding basic TCP commands and lastly, working with advanced T C P I. P commands and a previous videos, we discuss
i p Version four s well, s r p. Version six. We learned that with our papers. And
four, it's based upon a 32 bit numerical address. Why, when you look at the Happy Version? Six. It's based upon a 120 bit 28 bit I p address, and it's written heads a decimal and it separated by Coghlan's. So let's take a look at the pre assessment question for this course of instruction
and the course and is as follows.
What Commander you used to slay active TCP or UDP connections isn't a and B stats. Is it be nets that isn't see I peek and pig or
in s look up.
If you select it again, be nets that you're absolutely correct. So basically, you use the nets that command to display active TCP or UDP connections as what is the whole? So other statistics off the four column display We're concerned here with just a poor photo as well as a local address column.
The proto column shows the transport layer protocol
being used for connections nets that by itself shows only TCP connection in this particular column,
the first item on our agenda discussing of the command prompt
and the command. But we will be discussing his called a user account control, which again is a security feature of Windows, which helps prevent unauthorized changes to your operating system. These change can be initiated by applications, users, viruses, other forms off man where
the user account control.
Make sure certain changes are made on Lee from the approval. Other words, if approved by the administrating other words. If the changes are not approved by the minutes crater, they obviously are not executed and windows remain unchanged. It is as it is, as if nothing happened
when you think about again. The user account control with first made available for Windows Vista
and since have been improved with each new version off Windows.
So when you think about command, prompt its command line, Interpreter application is available and most Windows operating system is used to execute enter commands. Most of these commands are used to automate Titusville scripts and batch fouls, perform advanced administrative functions and troubleshoot and solve certain kinds of
window issues.
Then we have again I director again command basically again, this director command is a command prompt again. Command use display a list off files and sub folders contained in a folder.
The RPI Convict in the Pink A man basically in computing I have convict or innit protocol, Configuration and Windows is a consul application. This place all current TCP Happy Network configuration values and can modify again.
Your dynamic host configuration Portable are often time referred to
as a D a C P.
Then we have the pink a man what it does. It sends the RCMP echo request packages to a destination. For example, you could run a ping in terms on google dot com or Ping 173194.33 dot one cent for dipping a domain name or an I P address it really was you use for is to
make sure we have what we call
network connectivity.
Then we have a Iot of convict all command, basically that does. It displays all your current T c P R P network configuration values. And when it does, it refreshes the dynamic host configuration protocol. And our main aim and service is is you without parameters. Dive convict explains the I P address. That's something massive default gateway
for all the adapters,
the I P config all is command of Windows operating systems.
Then we have the our peak and big release. Basically, it's extruded. Forced declined to me to give up its least by sending the server a day city release notification which up? There'sa service status information and Mark's old client i P. Address as available.
Then the command I peek and fig renew its executed to request a new
I P address.
Well again, we have the cup in command. Basically, when you have trouble shooting a problem, you need to use a systematic approach. In other words, such as you use the I peek and thick to look at the current configuration. Then you turn around and use the pink. A man to ping locals. Local host default gateway remote
router link, remote hosts. Of course, you can also use a tracer
and a path being command would be discussing later on.
So again, you use the test network connectivity
and used in that control mess ICMP message protocol.
Then we have a choice of command is a command prompt that's used to show several details about the path that a package state take from the computer or device you on tow wherever the destinies you specify. Human also sometimes see the tracer command refer to as a trace. Recommend or trace rock command
trace about his command, which can show you
the path of package of information takes from your computer to one that you particularly specifies.
Now we have the Ping Pat Ping, the other words, a path Ping command. Now it performs the equivalent of a trace of command by identifying which routers are on the path. It then sends pings proctor to all of the writers over a specific time period and computer stats in computer statistics based on the number
returned from each A use without prominence.
Path paying displays also could have a display hip as well.
Now we have the N B stat command.
Basically again, disc a man performs the same from that using target I p address rather than a name. And B stat is a diagnostic to for Net bios over TCP I p. It's included in several versions of Microsoft. Windows is primary, designed to help troubleshoot net bios, main resolution type problems
that brings us to envy. Stat Command
Now the N B stat command.
Basically, it's a command line network beautifully that displays network connections for your transmission control protocol both incoming and again outgoing rotting tables. The number off network Interface Network interface controlled A software to find network interface and network.
We have our n s look up again, Ennis, Look up as a network administrator command line to develop for many computer operating system for querying you remain service and really you use dis commands. For example, if you sent me a tomato domain, controlling you actually started D N s. One would ensure that your desk and figure properly.
It's about running what we call the NS NS looked up command.
Then we have the FTP command now basic stands for five transport protocol.
It's a utility that's common use for copying files to and from other computers. The remote machine is on the other one is the other one, the one that is the argument of the FTP command.
We also have till net command
now turn that was developed back in 1969. It's a protocol that provides a command line interface for communicating with remote devices or server sometime, implore for remote management but also for initial device set up like network hardware tearing that stands for teletype network. But
it can also be used as a bird. To turn it is to establish a connection,
using again, again what we call the Tail net protocol.
Tenoch Alvey used a test of Trump's remote Web or mail servers, as well as for remote access. Multi you the doubt diagram dunnit dungeon games, as was trusted internal networks.
Then we have a net S H command.
Now this command line you Tilly, that allows you to either locally remotely display or modify your network. Configurations of a computer is currently running Nets. Shh also provides a script and feature that allows you to run a group of commands in a batch mode against a specific computer
we have the route command now in computing route is a command used of you and manipulate happy writing table in the units like and Microsoft Windows operating system and also in again other operating systems. Well,
so again, the rock coming also be used to add or delete what we call aesthetic routes.
We have a command called around print command and computer route is a command is a command used to view and manipulate Appy routing tables and units like and Microsoft Windows operations is, and also again react operating systems, his example of what a routing looks like. Here
we see again to look area networks. We see a cloud which indicates the Internet. And again we see the writers are considered what we call the gateway. So writing refers to extend its A routes that data packets take on their way to a particular destination. The term can be applied to data traveling on the Internet
or with three G four gene that we're always similar. Net was used for
telecom and other digital communication set ups.
We have the Net. Net command is like a man
its basis command prompt that could be used to match almost any aspect of the network and its settings, including network shares, your network print jobs your network uses and much more. The Net command is available from within, the command prompt and all Windows operating system, including Windows, stand when there's 87 and Windows Vista as well.
That brings us to a post assessment question.
The course is as follows.
Which other words? What protocol does a pink A man used to test your network connectivity?
Is it a TCP or the B U T P or C icmp or D FTP?
If she's like that, Gan See, you're absolutely correct worker. I peek and thick and damping other words. ICMP is used to send error messages to relate query messages. It's also used with the ping trace it as well as the path being command. That brings us to a summary
doing. Of course, it's presentation discussed that command prompt winners is Windows version.
We looked at that. We discussed. I peek and figure out where the camp in command and we learned that some of my best friends for particularly your network administrator there we learned. They also offer a certain amount of kind of configure tive ability as well as ability to what we call create performance type baselines.
We don't discuss the NS look up, which again is a command used primarily
to ensure that your DINA service set up correctly.
We learned that Net Statin N B Stat Command both show statistics of your network connection, but Net Stats centers on local Computer Way and Nick M. B stat also show statistic for your remote machines. We learned that we also talked about network path used tracer. It was packed ping command as well.
We learned that one of power show we know the Power's Share command, used mainly by Artie professionals
to run command. Let's pronounce command, let's and also complete backup jobs and so far allows us to automate a lot of our tax base it with the power show does for us.
We learned that a Net Net command can slay all kinds of important networking data as well as allow you to configure various network and options. Such a service is
now in the upcoming presentation will be discussing a model again marginal. Most sits when we take discussing working where networking service is.
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