4.6 Module 4 Recap

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2 hours 13 minutes
Video Transcription
So at the end of this final learning module was due a short recap in this model. First we talked about how to talk to managers. What are the things you have to have all
in mind all the time when you talk to them like CIA tried? And what are the goals of talking to them, like securing the budget foreign points of security.
Then I talked about how should you choose a 90 wire softer. And the whole point of it was that you should do the testing before picking one
to implement in your company.
After that, there was a topic about high end attacks, including bias viruses and how to defend against him.
And then there was, ah,
whole point about how to design and how to enforce in foreign security policy with tools to use and how to do it in general, not in details at the end, through some do's and don'ts that you have to do Ah Tau and to keep in mind it all time when you're
working in and point security. So thank you. And this is the end of final learning lesson in this course
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