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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody, and welcome to the 50 Security episode number 15
I A T feature. My name is 700 now, and I'll be gym instructor for today's session.
Learning additives is to understand what challenges and trends king respect from I t
on the near future.
Well, today's I A T innovations continue to push. You know, new technologists. I identify NW, establishing new relationships between objects, systems and people. We can think of new capabilities to solve problems at a big scale.
For example, cognitive systems In day a tool
is showing a grove today, and we'll continue doing that upper to come in years.
But what about new brand new research is aiming to increase sales on data gathering
while we'll need to be securing the future well over a decade ago, just to give you an idea, Duke's university researchers demonstrated cognitive control off a robotic arm by translated neural neural control singles
from electrodes embedded in a monkey's brain,
basically the brain that the monkey could control robotic arm with his tux.
The research is, you know, compare.
You know you got the signals from from from the back from the brain and you know translated that to a murderer. Actuators inputs.
These inputs allow the monkey, you know. True, the initial training on majestic to control a robotic arm used on Lee Bischel fit back to adjust its Omar driving tots.
So this is called a brain computer. Interfaces are brain machine interfaces.
BC I or being my
on you know, it continues to advance. Nowadays, the technology promises are featuring which you know the Nero Science. Allow individuals to regain physical functions by wearing a controlling or controlling a robotic system merely by thought.
Research has also demonstrated that brain to brain functioning, allowing, you know, comet, this devoted province album networks.
This type of cognitive research implies a future in which some types off smart devices will be smart on Lee because there's a human control of them, You know across the network
are the human. You know the human brain is made of hyper war by providing
sensors feeds from sensors located 1000 kilometers away,
meaning that you could I know what's happening in Paris and be able to actually see it because there's a there's a there's a sensor in your brain that is receiving a signal from another sensor located at the other aside the world.
So now imagine what type of coyote security and safety controls
will be needed in such cognitive systems, where the things that you need to secure our human brains or physical systems, which implies a human, a part of the human body,
can you authenticate a human rate to advice or the other way around? How can you authenticate advice to a human brain? What integrity and confident shall any losses? Me? And in this scenario,
what will happen to your brain if that buzz you're trying to authenticate, too,
is a rock or is corrupt on the other one the other way around whether it will happen if a hacker tries to authenticate your brain, you know the safety and security implication off. These are huge. And we have to be prepared to that.
Uh, you know what will happen if I signal this is proved our corrupt, our money related in in any kind of what will happen to your brain to your heart? Are you familiar with the ransom word? Attacks? Well, what will happen if someone in credit
your brain and it's and it's claiming a ransom
uh, so you can actually continue using your brain? Uh, so yeah, this sons like a side? Fine. But it's actually there and it will come. We just need to be prepared.
What does B c I or being mine means in the i t world? What it means brain computer interfaces or brain machine interfaces
mentioned some concerns we should have as I a t continues to grow. Well, uh,
eventually the thing will become something that we actually are, for example, authentication between your brain and another sensor across the world. How can you authenticate that? How can you guarantee integrity and a bio availability
in such scenario?
Can you think of a security safety control we used today that will become obsolete in the future? Off I ity will several security controls, for example,
something monstering our servers or trying thio
be able to identify the health off server by actually Ping in that that server that is will be obsolete in tenor in terms off. What?
How can we use that to measure or brain, or why do we need to use that?
Uh, you know, it will not will not be able to use that and also access controls as we know it today. You cannot put your brain into a curb Rhys database. So yeah,
there's a lot of control that will become obsolete. A CZ We continue to grow in the I t. Will.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed a few examples use cases and concerns about the future.
Uh, this book again comes into play here. A practical Internet of Things Security by Brian Russell. I highly recommend you to Britain's book. I should contain several other topics,
and you will find very useful for your tea career
looking for work. In the next year, we will cover the main building abilities off I achieve.
Well, that's it for today. Votes. Thank you for watching Hope you're the video and talk to you soon.
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