Scanning with XMAS Scan Part 2

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8 hours 49 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video, all we did is just install our Zen map tool again. That's just a gooey version of and map. If you haven't done that, you go and pause this video. Go back to the previous video because you will need that particular particular tool to finish off the rest of this lab.
So, as I mentioned before, all these labs step by step guides or downloadable on the supplemental resource of sections will be sure to download that along with additional information that we've provided for you in that particular section.
So in this video, we're gonna go ahead and run a Christmas scan, as it's called our Xmas Scanners. You'll see listed on basically, that this means that we're lighting up everything essentially like a Christmas tree, right?
So let's go ahead and get started here. So we're gonna go ahead and open up our Zen map tools, so just go ahead and double click on this little icon. Looks like a little eye icon. Just double click on that.
I'm gonna open up the Zen map tool for us,
and you can move it around your screen. You could also maximize that. If you want Thio and I'll go and do that. So it's easier for everyone to see.
All right, so let's go back to our lab document.
So now what we're gonna do in the command box right here. So the second box down there in the background, we're gonna type in this command here. So end map and then our dash lower case s Capital X and then our i p address here. So we're basically gonna be scanning our Callie Lennox machine because Christmas can only works on Lennox.
So let's go ahead. Type that in here. Now, You can leave the end map there if you want to, or you can type the entire command over again. Um, sometimes I'm lazy, so I'm gonna be lazy here and just highlight the things I want to remove. And then just type in the dash Lower case s Capital X and then our i p address. So we'll put a space and then 1 92.168 dot zero
And so, if you see on the lab document here, I've got the i P address listed for you
So again, that's for R. Kelly Lennox machine.
Once we've type that in at the top right of the Zen map tool, we see a scan bun. Just go ahead and click on that, and it'll actually run the scan. Now, it does take some time to go ahead around the skin here, so I'll pause the video. And once I've got the results back, I'll go ahead and pull back up and we'll finish out the rest of the lab.
All right, so the Christmas skin has finished running on my end. If you're just still running, go ahead. Just pause the video the way two years is complete, so you could follow law. But let's go back to our lab document, cause we have a question that we need to answer here. So once we've done our scan question number one, are there any ports showing as open? So, do we have any results that show a port open?
Well, on my end, I do. Right. I see. I have port 22 4 5901 and 6000 001
All right. So let's go back to our lab document.
So now we're gonna go ahead and type this next command in here. So again, back in that command box here, we're just gonna add one additional thing. So we're just gonna add the dash reason
and what that's gonna do, especially tell us like, Hey, why is this port in this certain state? So just provide us a little more information to take a look at these particular ports. Now, keep in mind. Well, I want to mention at least that this may take around a minute or so to run could be faster. Normally text around a minute or so, at least on my end.
So I'll pause the video again once you've run this command, and then we'll pick things back up once we have our results.
All right, so what we're gonna do again is just adding in the dash reason So we'll go back to our command here. We'll just add dash reason
we'll put a space in between. That's so again, a space between all these items and then just click the scan button at the top of right.
Let her go ahead and run the scan for us. So I'm gonna posit video here and pick it back up once I've got the results.
All right, so we see we we have results. Or at least I do on my side. If you haven't gotten your results, you go ahead and call it a video until your scan is complete. But again, it may take up to a minute or so for to actually run.
So let's go back to our lab document. We just have one more question on this particular video. So how many closed ports are there? So again, we just ran. The reason command you'll see here gives us a service reason of why this is either determined to be open or closed, and we see no response right there. But our questions related to how many closed ports are there.
So we see, at least on my end, and you should have similar results. We see there's 997 close ports, at least according to this particular skin.
All right, so that's all we want to talk about. This particular video we just ran a quick Christmas scan will continue on with our lab and again, all of these are broken down into bite size videos with a couple of commands or even just one command in the video. As we move through this entire lab on scanning
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