Scanning with with NMAP Half Connect Scan

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8 hours 49 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, all we get is we went headlong into our lab environment. We booted up all of our virtual machines, and then we just enabled Apache Web service is by going to our Pete Lab s a 01 server.
So in this video, we're just gonna cover our first and maps skin. We're gonna cover our half connect scan or basically, a seance can eyes what we're doing here.
So first step here were to click on the Windows 10 machine, which is its very bottom on this p lab. Win 10 to go ahead and click on that,
I'm gonna take a moment. So to actually bring up the desktop screen for us here. And then once it does, we're gonna be launching our We're gonna be accessing our Callie desktop through the V NC viewer application.
So what's it boots of our desktop here? We're just gonna double quick word says fianc? Viewers. So this orange color, it kind of looks like a tiger's eye. We'll go ahead, double click on that. There you may get a command window here. Popping up in the background is kind of paused for a second, and that should go away.
And so novel double click on RV, NC viewer icon there
by default, it should put in our i p address of our Callie machine for us. And for some reason, it doesn't. I've got it listed in this step by step lap guide for you. And again, these lab guides are available in the supplemental resource is section you get down on all of the guides were using in the course as well as the information about the assessments that you'll want a complete
in order to fully be able to say that. Hey, I am a trained in scanning
enumeration and vulnerabilities now.
All right, So once we see the i p address in there, which again is your default for us? We're just gonna click on the connect button and then put in our password. So click on connect there and then our password is gonna be the word password. So to be a capital P
lower case A s S W. And then it's gonna be the number zero. Not the not a capital O, but the number zero
and then a lower case R D
And then once you taught that and you could either hit enter into keyboard, it just clicked the okay button there. And it's gonna launch the Cali linens desktop for us. You'll see a little air message here. We don't worry about that. For this particular laps, you can either click on okay or just X out of this.
I was cooking okay there. And then the next step of our lab is gonna be double clicking their route terminal icon right here. And what that's gonna do is launch a terminal window for us. Now again, if you're using your own virtual machines, you'll be using a different I p address. And you'll also just want to watch a regular terminal window. You don't have to click on anything that says Route Terminal.
All right, so let's go back to our lab document here. So we've done a lot of steps. Sarah's were actually down a step number seven. We just double click the route terminal icon too low. Launch our terminal window for us.
So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna run our first and met command here, so we're assigned mentioned. We're gonna do a seance, Yan, or sometimes called 1/2 open scan or half connect scan on. What we're gonna do is we're not going to specify a range of ports. So what that's gonna do? What and Map does in that situation is the scans 1000 of the most
common ports on the particular target.
So it's gonna take a little bit of time to run this skin. So I'm gonna go ahead and run the command and then I'll pause the video and then we'll use the magic of fast forwarding to actually take a look at our output
doing type in our command here.
So we're going to happen and map all over. Case will put a space and then a dash and a lower case G s and a capital s.
So there were just with a capital s were specifying We want to run a sin scan
now that we're gonna put a space and their I p addresses. It's 1 92.168 dot zero that one and then just press enter new keyboard. As I mentioned, it might take a moment or so to run the scan, so I'm gonna go ahead. Paul's video will pick things back up once it's complete.
All right, so you see, the the scan is completed on my side of things. So let's take a look at our question there we had for a lab question number one. Do you get any results? So after a grand this and map since, can
do we get any results back? Well, you see, on my end, I do. We see that I've got all sorts of port numbers there as well as its showing me that, Hey, these air open ports and these air the service's that are running on those particular ports.
So in this video, we just ran a quick and maps can. In the next video, we're just gonna continue on with running some more and math scans, and then eventually, we're gonna get into our age paying three commands
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