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14 hours 16 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we talked about the capstone lab that told me to do. Now again, if you don't have access to the cyber a lab environment, you'll just want to make sure that you practice commands and filters with wire shark and TCP come again. And the supplement of resource is section. We've got a lot of information for you to go ahead and practice those commands.
So in this video, we're just gonna wrap up the rest of the course here.
So what do we cover? Well, obviously, in the introduction conclusion, those are pretty self explanatory, but most importantly, in module to recovered four different labs. Specifically, we went ahead and looking different packets. We try to look for user names and passwords, ransom, different filtering,
etcetera, etcetera. So the main goal again with this course was giving kind of a high level overview of sniffing
some of the most common tools and use. Which again, wire shark is probably the most coming tool out there and use right now and really just kind of get you familiar with those tools and running different commands inside of them.
So as I mentioned the cap still lab. You just want to make sure you do that again. If you don't have access to the cyber lab environment, just make sure you practice these tools a little more in depth.
Now is before we get Thio
the next part here. Let's just I just wanna acknowledge some of my teaching assistants here. So, uh, what these individuals did this and create a lot of the supplement of resource is for the courses. Well, has watched the coarse videos just to make sure that the quality and everything was there. So I just want to give them quick shoutout list in here.
Well, feel free to track them down a social media. Well, don't stop them or anything like that, but, uh,
tracking now connect some really really smart individuals right there.
And then finally, you know what the next steps here. So if you kind of like penetration testing or a zay mentioned in kind of pre rex, it's a good idea for you to be going for either with ch or the pen Tess plus exam. So if that's all interesting to you and you haven't signed up for my pen testing in ethical hacking course, yet I definitely encourage you to do so.
One of the main reasons is if you're taking the CH exam,
I pretty much covered just about everything that you may potentially see on that exam in the course. And also I have some notes and stuff like that for you as well.
Also recommend taking the and Mech course by Rob Thurston, the Caliph in its course by Robert Smith. And then, of course, all the courses
currently out, as well as coming out because the breaking stuff with Joe Siri's or B S. W. J s. So if you if you're in the catalog, he starts for B S, W J. You'll see all the courses related to that as they come out. But Joe's got quite a bit of Joe Perry, director research at Cyber Re. He's got quite a few tool courses that he's putting out. He put out some already,
and he's got a whole bunch more
over like the next you know, 18 to 24 months. So definitely a good amount of stuff for you, So definitely follow that Siri's and take a look at those
so again, Thank you so much for taking this course, and I'll see you the next one
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