3.1 Conclusion

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Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we went ahead and wrapped up our lab using the security risk assessment tool again. If you haven't already downloaded that tool, be sure to do so. Just play around with it. And I want to mention that you will need that for the assessment portion of this course.
So what do we cover in this course? We talked about the introduction, of course, to myself on Dhe then, as well as the core structure and our overarching course objectives. Again, we wanted to find out what is hip. What can we do with him? But why is it important? And we also wanted to find out what is That s are a tool, which again we just wrapped up using.
We also talked about the security rules. So we dived into that a little more. I did. I did give you a little high level overview of the privacy rule, but our main focus of this course since we're a cyber security related company, the overarching goal was to talk about the security rule. We also talked about things like Ransomware phishing and de dos attacks. So again. We just touched on cyber attacks as well as
what do we need to do in the event of a breach?
And then I also incorporated a couple of videos from Dave. Could practice, Of course, that he and I had worked on called Mel were threats. And in that course, we showed you some examples of ransom. Where's you get a visualized example of that without you haven't actually go ahead and get attacked by rent somewhere. So that was kind of the whole purpose behind that
and then a module to we went ahead and mostly focused on using the S r. A tool. We also talked about some different key study examples. So you can kind of wrap your head around the different situations that could occur with HIPAA violations.
And then, of course, here we are in the conclusion section. We're just gonna talk through the assessment that I'm talking about and then also some of the next steps that you may wanna take a look at.
So the assessment, as I mentioned, is a downloadable resource for you. So just go through that. It's basically a bunch of different scenarios that you could walk through with the security risk assessment tool. So again, I mentioned that you will need to have that tool or be able to use that tool to complete the assessment. And that's the reason why, because I've designed it where you'll
go through and you'll actually fill out information based off the scenario that I'm giving you.
And then a couple of next course is if you're interested in kind of malware related stuff or phishing attacks. We've got a couple of courses on the side. Of course, I mentioned that were threats already. That's a dual instructor course with myself, and Dave could practice. And then also fishing is a great course by Justin Period. So we got a couple of good courses
on those particular topics. If you're interested in learning more about those,
um, and why you don't want to get involved with being attacked by malware or, for example, being a victim of phishing attack.
So again, I want to thank you for getting this far on the course. You know, it's it's always great to see people succeeding, and so you're successful now and hopefully you've walked away with a little clearer understanding of HIPPA I know that when I was working actively as a nurse, I had all sorts of hippo training and it was all clear his mind for me. So
I hopefully have provided some clarity if you had confusion on it. If you're trying to get into health care
either as a clinician or as I t or sub security professional, hopefully this provided you a little background that's helpful for you If you are currently working in healthcare. Hopefully, this cleared up any confusion you might have had on hip again. This was really just a high level course on hip to kind of give you that little taste of it
without dip dipping into all the fun
legal, boring paperwork type of stuff s so hopefully you found it engaging. And again, I'm not an attorney. As I mentioned in the introduction, I'm not an attorney. This is not legal advice. All that fun stuff, eh? So hopefully you don't construe it, is that? But again, I hope you enjoy this course and hopefully I broke down topics for you. Feel free. Reach out to me if you have any questions at all
and I'll try to answer them for you