3.1 Intro to Network Policies

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2 hours 23 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to I t Security policy here on Cyber Eri.
This is Module three. Network policies were gonna do the introduction of everything that's covered inside of module three
and this is being taught by myself. Troy Lemaire.
So the learning objective for this training is gonna be to understand what policies fit into network policy section as well as understanding what policies air. Actually, in the network policy section
what type of policies fit into network policy section.
Well, whenever we're looking at policies, your acquisition policy, which is a policy about how you acquire equipment or any type of acquisition of another company or anything like that the B Y o d. Policy, which is the bring your own device policy
remote access policy and root access tools, policies. And this is separated out because your remote access governs how you gonna be able to connect in remotely for somebody and the tools that are allowed to be used. You want to spell those out differently so that as your tools adjust if need be, you could go just that policy. Only
the new wireless security policy. If you do have a wireless security inside of your organization and then the Bluetooth policy. If you do allow Bluetooth to occur inside of your organization,
So if you are looking at any of these policies, you can go straight to them and don't have to go through all the courses inside of Module three. If you're interested in, say, the remote access policy, you can go straight to that video and watch it as well as watching the road access tools. It's up to you how you wanna proceed by going through. All the videos are just going straight to the one that most interests you
little brief electric today. But what we discussed is what policies fit into the network policy section, as well as what policies are actually in the network policy section.
If you have any questions or clarifications, as always, you can reach me on cyber a message. My user name is at trial mayor and thank you for attending this training
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