2.7 Defining Networks with the OSI Model Part 7 - MTAN

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Welcome back to savories. Empty A 98 3 66 Network and Fundamentals Certification Prep Course.
Again, this is a continuation off our discussion. Off margin number two. Now, if you're calling martyr to we discussed a number different topics dealing specifically with martyr to look at the S R model. We looked at analysis comparison, real vertical communication with his effective course on a communication.
And in fact, we begin by discussing begin the seven Lears
and again in the previous video we discuss again this session layer as well as a presentation layer. We learned it in the presentation that this layer is responsible Opening and closing communicates between two devices. We also learn about the presentation. Earlier we learned it again. The presentation layer. Basically it was responsible preparing the data
so they can be used by the application letter. In other words,
Layer six makes it out of presentable for applications to consume. Now, in this particular presentation going getting on discussion by looking at the very last layer off the S R model with specifically is layer seven the application layer. So let's begin by first are taking a pre assessment quiz.
Now this question says specifically, which layer? But by service is to users, Is it eh?
Physical layer. Is it be session layer? Is it see application or deep presentation?
If you select again, see application you after the correct, because the application layer but visor users other words provides service is to the user, and in fact, it's the interface between the user and again. The application occurs at the application layer.
So when we look at last seven application, improvise an interface for the end user operating device connected to the network. This list was what user sees in terms of loading the application, says your Web browser or email. That is this application. There is a data
that the user views Why using these applications some example of application layer and clues
Support for file transfer. Believe the print on the network. Elektronik Male Elektronik Missing. Also browsing again World Wide Web.
Now the application it was spun. Providing service is getting as I mentioned earlier to the user. It covers http or hypertext transfer protocol. It deals with fire trust for protocol as well as our D. C.
So the application improvised operations were direct access to the network service is. It serves as the interface between the user and the network but providing a service that directly support the user application. Now this is the only layer that directly interacts with the data from the user. The softer application, like your Web browser and email client, rely on the application layer
to initiate communication.
But it should be clear bay clear that the client software applications are not part of the application letter. Rather, the application layer is responsible the protocols and data manipulation that the software relies on to present meaningful data to the user application. There are protocols again,
include again what we call a CTP as well as SMTP, which is simple. Ma'am.
Transport protocol is one of the protocol that enable mail email communication.
So again, this light shows dander up a system in the connection model. We see the various layers. We see the various protocols again. It may be a good idea for you, kind of memorized of various protocols that operate the various layers off the ice. I'm on it because you may see these courses again on your exam
here again, we visited at Westar model again. We see again the various protocol. We see the devices that operate in the various layers we could see. For example, Your honor is a layer three device we see where next operate and so forth. That brings us to a post assessment question.
Which layer in us our model comes. Http ftp at our d. C. Isn't a physical,
is it? Be? Session
isn't see application or D presentation?
If you said that the application, you're absolutely correct. So let's take a look at it or else I model review.
We learned that the horse armada is composed of stacks, and they have different. They have different function activity. Each layer represent a group of related specifications. Ah, we use the modest model used to analyse. Compare also you lies to troubleshoot again. Obviously, if you know the funniest letter, then you can analyse, compare and troubleshoot.
We spent not if it's in our time rolling around in the bottom four layers of the Western model,
and his next night kind of summarizes that again. It tells us where the application layer does allows access to the network re sources. We learned that this session later established, manage and terminate the sessions related that network. Clear what? It doesn't move the package from source to the destination to provide Internet working.
The physical layer. Also transmit bits over a medium to revive mechanical electrical specifications
receded the data link clear again toe organize bits into frames. We see that the transfer Elim provides reliable process. The process Mrs Delivery and Eric Recovery and the presentation again it translate encrypt and compressed data.
Now, in the upcoming presentation, we will continue on and conclude model, too, by taking a look at the TCP I p. Mark.
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