2.4 Virtual Networking Part 4

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to the firewall security settings. So this is nice and easy, its one simple slide on this. There's no actually that much to cover for Windows Firewall because it's actually automatically configure it during type of the installation. So because it's Microsoft Windows Firewall on Hope of E, they're just gonna go right when you install.
Tell the firewall that your unsold and you need this set up.
It works with client or server on dhe Windows Firewall with Advanced security is the easier way of doing it. This, oh allergy to have more control. Many people have seen the standard Windows firewall. If you do a search on your machine for Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, this is what allows you to
pick out different rules inbound and outbound rules. You can
bind it to different network ports on your machine. Tell it to only go out through certain I P B six or I P P four connections. Whatever you may want it to do,
Server Cora's well has this. But core being not a graphical interface is gonna have the issue that you don't have a graphical user interface. You've only got the actual power shell problems so you need to. And that's beyond the scope of this of this Siri's. I could go on for weeks about Power Shell.
It's one of my favorite tools, and it will do everything
you can think off that you could do with a mouse and keyboard or just with a graphical user interface. You can do it with power shell as well,
but you have to do with commands. If you are using core, there is a tool called S Convict the system configuration, which allows you to adjust high pass conflict of the command prompt it pops up on the screen, and you can type numbers to choose what option you want to go into, and it will set itself up effectively. There's an option to say,
Please open the ports for hyper V to work.
And if you're running a hyper V server with fail over clustering as well remote volume management has to be unblocked in the firewall again. If you've the fail over clustering, that's not gonna be an automatic option,
because failing clustering isn't automatically enabled. When you go into Hyper V,
it's a bit more advanced than the scope of this series. I'm hoping to cover it in the future One certainly. But effectively,
I am looking to deal with Theo. The remote volume management in future options Effectively eso look out for that one. If we do do it but fail over clustering will need to have that unblocked using the advanced security
A za bonus. You can actually turn on Windows firewall with a single command. So if you decide actually I want it set up. I want it running. It's one command. You type it into power shell on. This is what it looks like. So this is what you were typing to power shell. It looks complicated, but actually it
kind of makes sense That
power shell is very intuitive. Eso first word set Net firewall profile. What you're doing is you're saying I want to set something so there's a verb
I want to set and then you're telling it what you want to set you. Then tell it what profiles you're working with. So you have your domain, your public in your private profiles. Most people, if they're at home, they would be on a private network. If you're in, say, a coffee shop with your laptop you're probably gonna be on a public network. And if you're in the office, you're probably gonna be on the main network. So those your profiles
and then he's gonna say
Turn on these profiles enabled is true. So if you want to turn it off, the opposite would be enabled is false.
So it's nice and easy, very easy to understand.
So that's That's what we have for the slice for Windows firewall. Maybe because there's no actually that much to do. Anything that gets more tricky is, if you're starting to then go into using a non Microsoft software firewall or even hardware firewall, you would have to make sure that the ports that this opens matches the ports that
are opened on the on the actual hardware firewall as well. If you want to go external
or if you, you know
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