2.2 SRA Tool Lab Part 1

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we went through some different case study examples. So I really just want to give you an opportunity to visualize different scenarios where they have a rule maybe getting violated.
And this video where to go ahead and start using the security risk assessment tool. So in part one, here in this video, we're gonna go ahead and actually install the tool in part two of this lab where to go ahead and put in our information as as pretending where a certain practice
and then finally in part three will go ahead and actually go through into our security risk assessment and take a look at the results from that.
So let's go ahead and get started now. I've included a link to directly take you to the Web page for this tool. This step by step guide is in the resource of section of the course will be sure to download all the resource is in that section. So that way you have a lot of good information,
and so you can either visit this link right here, or you could just open up a Web browser and search for it. Now I'm using a virtual machine here. You don't have to again. You just need Windows operating system. So if you wanna download it on your own computer, you're welcome to do so in my situation. I do run windows on this particular
local host, but I wanted running inside of a virtual machine.
Now that being said, it might run a little slower and virtual machine. So I will mention that there were certain points where I'll pause the video as the tools downloading because it will take some time since I'm inside of a virtual environment.
So I only have to do is open up whatever your search engine you want to use, I'm just gonna use Google for this one here and just type in H H s
s are a tool,
and it's gonna generally speaking, it's gonna be the first search result. Once it pulls up here, Sometimes it shows up on the 2nd 1 but this is more than likely it's going and click on it, and that should be the correct location on again. If you just go ahead and use that link, you'll be taken to this spot as well.
Now what you see is a big while. Not a big but like a bright yellow button here in the center. And that's gonna be actually what you used to download the tool.
Let's go back to our step by step guide for just the moments we've done. Step one here we went ahead and either searched for the S R A tool or we just went ahead and clicked on the link below. In either event, we got to the page that you see in the background there. And now, as I mentioned here on step two, we're gonna go ahead and click that yellow button,
and that's going to start downloading the tool on our on our system.
Now. One thing I want to mention when we click that button, uh, the tool itself
normally downloads pretty quickly, except for like, the last portion of it. For some reason, it takes, like sometimes a minute or two for the very like, last little percentage for of it to complete that something I sent to their help desk, they said that's a normal thing. They're not sure why.
So in any of it is probably not fixed by the time we're watching this course. And so just give it, Give it time, and it eventually will download the file for you.
So go ahead. Just click this yellow button here. Now, as I mentioned, it's a little slower inside of this virtual machine I'm using. So I'm gonna go ahead. And after I click this, I'm just gonna pause the video until it fully downloads on my end. And then I'll just keep things going right after that, we'll finish installing this particular tool.
All right, so I'm going to do it now is just click this yellow button. Now what? You may get it. You make it a prompt asking you, Do you want to run this? Do you want to save it? Etcetera? All I have to do is just click run there and go ahead and run it. You may or may not get that promise to just be mindful of that. So I'm just gonna go ahead and run there, and it'll go ahead and start downloading it for me.
Now, as I mentioned, this is gonna take some time, our virtual machines. I'm gonna go ahead and pause a video here and once it's fully downloaded, I'm gonna go ahead and restart the video. And we'll kind of do a magic of fast forwarding there, at least on my end. And that way we could finish installing this particular tool.
All right, so you see that it's downloaded for me. Finally. Now you may get prompted to open the downloaded file. It may also just launch. As you see on my screen here, it's just going ahead and launch the Wizard for me. But if we come back to our step by step lab guide, you'll see that we've already don't step three. So we went ahead and downloaded it.
I mentioned here might take 5 to 10 minutes. It took, uh, roughly about five minutes on my sides of your
using a virtual machine by taking a little longer. If years industry local machine, it might go a little faster, depending on how fast your computer actually is.
Now, as I mentioned here in Step four, if you need to, it'll prompt you to go ahead and open it. Otherwise it'll just open itself. So it'll open you up to the wizard itself, which is this right here and then all we're gonna do is click the next button.
Let's go. Go ahead and start installing it now. It may also give you a USC prompt, as we call it, or a user account control prompt. In most cases, unless you've changed configuration on Windows, you should get this prompt. Especially. It is kind of giving you a second guess and saying, Hey, do you really wanna go ahead and install whatever software this might be?
And if the publishers verified in this case, they are. And if and if we trust them that we would want to say yes. If we didn't trust it, we would say no. In this case, we're going to say yes since we've downloaded it and we're assuming that this particular entity is not tryingto hack us.
So this Grant say yes to that is gonna go ahead, actually start installing. It doesn't take too long at this point. Might take 5 to 10 minutes in some cases. But generally speaking, you see, they're just took maybe, you know, 30 seconds or so and it went ahead and finished for us.
So let's go back to our step by step guide and see where we're at here. So we've already went ahead and click the next button right here and step five, Step six and completed the installation for us. And we're right here to click the finish button. And then what we'll see on the desktop here in just a second is that we'll actually share a shortcut for this particular tool.
So let's go ahead and take a look here. So we're just gonna say finish right there,
and then I'm just gonna go ahead and minimize this.
Reduce it down there and you'll see that
on the left side. Here, I've got the tool icon right there. The shortcut icon. You should also get that on your desktop by default. It puts that they're so you shouldn't need thio. Check anything or do anything special. You should see that there If you don't. For some reason, it is checking your programs. Make sure it's installed correctly. But generally speaking, if you follow the instructions, you should be good to go.
All right, So in this video, we just went ahead and actually installed the security risk assessment. Jeweller s are a tool, as it's more commonly called, and in the next video. What we're going to do is actually start filling on information inside of the tools. He could take a look and see what that is. And then in the video after that, that's where we're gonna go ahead and actually go through the risk assessment portion of it to talk about some different things
as we go through that and then ultimately will be able to take a look at what the report looks like.
Now, I also want to mention that in the resource is section I've just went ahead and feel like a random report out and downloaded that. And so that way you could take a look and have an example to go off as you're filling out yours.
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