2.2 Prepping Hardware

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Welcome back to the center. Recourse or building your info set lap.
I'm your host on instructor Kevin Hernandez.
A few lessons ago, we discussed different hardware options that were offered to us to building our information security lap do for options. Such a small firm factor systems such a stele,
the intel nooks and the bricks. We also look at pre built system from retailers. Such a specify and use systems, a swell from eBay
faster were into our last lesson. We look howto quick format a hard drive. Is this required? Prior to installing our media, we're going to make sure there's no lingering data or any type of information that my corrupt or insulation. We also have a quick look at Rufus, which will be utilizing in order to make our images
suitable for my USB drive. Since our systems like
a physical dr
in today's lesson, we'll be looking at physical hardware itself. The PC we chose or, in this case, I shoes in order to build my lap. This is not necessarily the system you will have to pick to build your lap. You can use like you mentioned for an all system and just update, Haram, or you can build your own system of swell.
Let's get started. Motto to lesson two, hardware
percent. That industry is the system I purchase from even a day. OptiPlex
actually acquire two fifties as I intend to use the other one for non lap purposes.
The system is fertile simple. Over here, the black seat sink. It's where the CPU is located to its left is Aram Slot, which contains 16 gigabytes off frame. Directly above it
is the wireless card, and to its right is to Saito connector, this little gree plastic. This is where we will be connecting are solid state drive.
Now, if you pay close attention or in this general area, there's a little hole. This is where you can connect your empty up two ethnicities
em not to tend to be a lot of it faster. Donna, let's say s esteem. However, it brings ah higher cost. In order for this lab to stay in a cost productive budget, we will be utilizing the SST instead of the M tattoos. No one really good thing I like about this system
is that it uses a blower style system for cooling,
which is this little device I'm holding. How this works is that they will gather the air through here and it puts you set out through the heat sink around this area
and externally to the little grills we're seeing right over here.
Now, this is a very crucial concept to take into consideration when you're positioning your system to recent being is if you put furniture
right here in the back,
it will actually impact the airflow is a system. It will overheat the system and can cost any type of failure.
When talking about small firm factor systems, ventilation is crucial in order to not impact performance or the aural held off. The system's a device such as this.
It's really important.
Please take this advice into consideration. One position of your system.
Even though this seems like a flaw, it's actually an advantage because you can properly designate and determine where the airflow is gonna be and position it is fairly simple. All you have to do is a lying this little dots with the little holes right here next to the heat. Sink
online, it
press down, push it in and lock it and that's it. It's that simple.
When using the SST you will have to use include it, crack it within your system, there's some pins and decide which actually match depends injured SST.
Now it is crucial that you have the proper orientation of physicist e the data and power connectors, right? These two over here need to match the proper enlightment on the connector here, so make sure they match, you know,
a little on the left
wishes data and the power in the bottom.
Therefore, the proper alignment for these particular SST
will be I such. Now you wanna basically make sure that this area that I just signal it's we're just little locking mechanism will be placed and all you have to do is a line it
as you can see
back here. Actually,
there's a locking mechanism right over here
and slide it in
now. As you can see, it's perfectly locked
now. The reason we have taken to small time to explain the components off the hardware and how to connect them or put them together is that many systems such as dis optiplex, right,
the intel nooks and the bricks will require some type of assembly.
This I want to call very own systems. Most of the time, the only required you to install the SST and Aram.
However, like this one, many of them have brackets are easy to follow. Instructions on how to install you in order to call this OptiPlex. Just take the lit. Make sure the little bracket aligns as such.
Press it down
and luck. It'd that's such.
And there we go
secure it with this crew
that one of the main advantages I like about the small systems compared to a high desktop, it's even know it's kind of blurry because, you know, focus is not that great for smaller numbers. Is that you can sort of tell this is a 65 watt system.
So what does this mean for us? This basically means that this is a very power efficient system. When you're saying having a computer 24 by seven year around, connected to the network and to the power Ah, 65. What system seems a lot more friendly to your pocket?
Then let's say a 700 won't let me show you
another device you can utilize if you still wanna remain in a small for a factor system.
This is a case I picked up a few years ago, and it's a many I fi X.
It's a lot smarter,
then the traditional system. You find danger electronics store, especially. You can actually build us with the parts and requirements that you're specifically looking for this lap. Now, if we open it, you can see how compact this is. This is our regular A T X power supply, and you can see it's a 750.
What's compared to 65? What's
off the system not right here in the bottom is a graphic card,
and I ran over here. When I'm holding this cables is where the mother but will be. You can see it's fairly compact,
but a lot more powerful.
This will be oriented more towards a system where you want to include all the components within it.
Now, let me show you something again. Let's zoom in into that power supply. C C x 7 50 m. This is basically coarser 750. Want mother
power supply. Now let me bring you the Dell OptiPlex. See how small that is. It's almost as small has this power supply
so talk about space savings. And remember this meeting I t x that I just show you it's about the science of Xbox one, the original one. Right? So it is a fairly small footprint when compared
to, let's say, a regular death stop or a gaming death stop. Now, intellects are actually smart and this OptiPlex out of half on side. However,
remember that smaller you go,
the more issues you might have with overheating and performance.
Now, what did we learn today? Basically, we look at the system, I pick a Dell OptiPlex.
Now, this is not necessarily the same system. You have to pick your more than open to repurpose your old system. You're Marlon. Welcome to pick that laptop that you have laying around and put Moran minute and make it into a lab.
This could be the difference between spending 506 $100 in a brand new system versus on upward of $50 that even know might not run the lab at the same magnitude as mine.
But you should be able to accomplish pretty much
a similar outcome to the one shown in this course.
You gotta remember there's a direct correlation between CPU ram.
And it's counterpart from the requirements off this applications were running right. The more resource is you have, the more applications you'll be able to run. The more officially, this will run. Keep that in consideration when building the lab.
In the next lesson, we will actually start building the lab. We're gonna start with E X X. I ask who used this as the core system to include several applications in Turin environment instead of having one dedicated devised for each application.
Hope to see you soon. Have a great day.
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