2.11 Virtual Networking Part 11

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in the cover one last section here, which is the software infrastructure itself.
So the learning objectives of this one are really simple. It's one line. Understand the options available for installing hyper V on operating systems. So what are the options? Effectively? And that's the title of the next one. So what are the options? So the first option is hyper V server.
The big clear winner on this one is that it's free. Microsoft literally give you the software
to build your own server for hyper V.
That's the big bonus on this one.
There's no guest operating system licenses included. This is the key thing. So if you make a virtual machine of the Windows 10 environment, you're gonna need a Windows 10 license key to build that machine. Or unless you maybe you're doing it in a test environment, like on your own computer.
Then you could use a trial version. So if you just want to maybe practice or do whatever else,
that's perfectly fine as well. You can use trial licenses as well. They will work. But if you're actually running in an enterprise environment and you're running I pervy server, you will need to actually purchase the operating system. License for that guest environment
is also command line interface and remote management only. You cannot log in tow hyper V server and use a mouse or certainly know in the way that you would with a normal kind of Windows environment where you've got the start bar on the bottom and everything else you do have a mouse pointer, but it's just to drag command problem windows around. You can't really do much else
You have s conflict, which we discussed only Iran,
which allows you to configure the server without having to know all the powershell commands really easy and really handy to use.
so, Eric, you're saying that's just the core Windows Server 2016 hyper v. No, this is this is s o. I don't know. Maybe if I've misunderstood. If you're saying is this that No, this is actually free from Microsoft. But if you are using anything, call related
is gonna be no graphical user interface. It's all gonna be command prompt engagement, whether it's power shell or three actual old style command prompt. My God, I haven't used one of them in ages.
I think I've actually disabled it on my machine. Actually, I don't even understand. Used to seeing blue power shell windows now, so I'm not too sure
for the host. No, this is This is actually for the This is the host that we're talking about right now. Eso What I'm referring to is it's the actual host server. So Microsoft give away the hyper V service software completely for free of the guest operating systems.
If you wanted to run a window server as a guest,
then yes, you would need the license to go on that as well.
But if you're looking to control the hyper V server, it's free. And you you only have a command line interface, or you can use remote management to do itself.
All right, so the next option we have is the actual window service. So this might be the one you're talking about, Eric. So hopefully this will cover it for you.
It's his license to process it
on. You do get to guests. Operating system licenses included
s so this is something many people don't realize. But if you actually when you purchase it,
there will be a guest licenses included that say, when you run on OS on it as a hope. Guess VM You can type these codes in instead, and it won't ask for any further coat that no verification involved.
So it's just something keep in mind you can have. It is a full installation or server core installation. So full installation would be your graphical user interface, like you would on any machine that you're sat in front. Off on the survey corps is like I mentioned with the hyper V server. It just has Command line interface is everywhere. You can use s conflict as well,
which actually is probably one of the best tools that out there for
create service. You also get wth e Windows Server Data center.
This again is licensed process. Er this. However, the data center version has unlimited
guests operating system licenses. So if you are making a giant VM system,
this is where you wanna go. There's not many people who use this level because it is really expensive. Really? Really. I think I'm used this twice in my whole career,
So yeah, there's that. There's a hefty price tag that comes with the data center editions,
but yeah, unlimited guest operating system licenses included. On again, you can have full installation or serve a core installation as well.
All right, so,
um, let's see here.
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