2.1 Virtual Networking Part 1

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5 hours 8 minutes
Video Transcription
All right. Here we go again. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. My name is Chris.
I'm gonna be bringing you through session to of hyper V fundamentals. I hope you all enjoyed the 1st 1 Hands up. Who was here for the 1st 1?
You can't see. My hand is raised. However I was here. Who else is here? No one.
Just me, then.
No, it's okay, all right. I hope everyone is good. I'm good. I've just like putting my advent calendar. Actually, on day five here, they four even. I wish it was Day five already, But chocolate chocoholic on the brain got packet of Eminem's turns out, so you'll have to excuse the sugar rush a little bit.
I have just eaten them a short while before coming on,
but we're gonna get started with the security aspect of hyper V today s o. In the previous session, we covered the introduction to hyper V understanding virtualization as a general concept and how it works with hardware and how it how it integrates with the hardware itself and and uses the resource is
when we started to cover the requirements for the actual infrastructure itself.
So we're gonna finish off The infrastructure infrastructure section is the biggest part of this series. We're gonna be covering today
security, the use of dynamic memory on various other good stuff like that. So as we go through, I'm also gonna be bringing in a little bit of actually showing you the hyper V environment not necessarily guiding you through the whole thing. But I want you to get a feel for it before we get fully involved in the actual
building of ah virtual network and a virtual machine which we're going to spend pretty much the whole time of Session three
doing, which is very exciting. But first we need to understand what we are doing before we actually go ahead and do it.
So that being said, let's jump overto are learning objectives. So it's nice and easy for this 1st 1 we're gonna be understanding the security settings within hyper V itself on. We're gonna be understanding the firewall settings in Windows firewall that allows hyper Vito work efficiently within your network. Now, many people do
just basically turn off Windows firewalls on their service.
That's absolutely fine. But for those of you who like to have that extra bit of software protection on your machine, whether it's on a server. If it's on your client machine or anything else, we're gonna be just having a brief look. How Windows Firewall is configured how you turn things on and off. It's actually not as difficult as you might think.
Certainly not as difficult as you might have seen in enterprise type firewall environments.
But let me grab my webcam and turn it on here. Andi, we're gonna get started with this, so I'm gonna click this button on. There we are. All right. Hello? Hello? Hello. You can see I warn you,
Peanut. Eminem's actually one of my favorites. I'm quite glad they came out. Anyway. Let's go on. So let's get started with the hyper V security settings. OK,
uh huh. Could be security settings.
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