2.1 Setting up a Virtual Machine

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So I want to film this quick video for students that may not have access to the cyber lab environment and also for students that
are going to be following along with laps two and three. So in love one, I used the cyber lab environment. That's the next video we're gonna take a look at here in just a little bit. But in the other laps, I use just my own collie machine to perform to use the tools and perform the attack. So
I'm using virtual box. So that's what I normally use. Some people use of'em where you can either, either one. That doesn't really matter, but you can grab virtual box from virtual box dot or GE and just going to the downloads page and then dismiss you download for whichever operating system you have. So if you have windows or you're running max or linen,
whichever one you have, just make sure you don't know that for your particular host operating system.
And if you if you need to download the extension pack as well. If you're running windows in most cases, you'll want to grab the extension pack, sometimes with Mac or Linux is not a requirement, but definitely if you're running Windows is your host machine. You want to come down here after you install it, go ahead and come down here and grab the extension pack. Download that and install that as well.
Once you have virtual box installed or again VM where if that's what you want to use, you want to grab the Cali image. So just come to the offensive security page
and then make sure you choose to correct one. So if you're using V M, where by default, it puts it there. However, if using virtual box, you just want to make sure you click on that one and download the appropriate one.
It takes a little time to download. You can use ah file manager and downloaded a little faster. My experience has been that doesn't always work well, sometimes it corrupts. It downloads. So, um, it's kind of up to you. If you get an error or something like that, then make sure you don't down with the full file on. It's gonna take some time. If you down little bit. You see here it's about four gigs
so it's gonna take some time 15 20 minutes or so or even longer, depending on your connection
to download
once you download a systolic. Once you done with the over a file, basically, you just double click it and it's gonna it's gonna open it up with virtual box, using that as the example here and then you basically just import the image into virtual box. And then there's a few other configuration things that we won't go over in this particular
video or this course, because that's more assumed knowledge. But you could find a lot of videos on how to configure your Callie Lennox for virtual box.
The next thing you want to grab as part of this course before this course is gonna be met. Exploitable eso medicine portable is basically just a vulnerable VM from Rapid seven, so you can either grab it on the get home page from them, or most people just find it easier to go over the source for it and describe it from there, which everyone works for you.
A similar thing here you're downloading the O. V. A file
in most cases, and then again, same as Kelly Olynyk you just double click it. It'll open it in virtual box, and then you just configure it and menace Portable is something that will contain things like me till today, which will actually be using this course for some of our attacks in lab one. So you'll definitely want to make sure you have access to that.
And I'll talk about in the next video before we jump into our actual laughs. I'll do a quick video to show you using Mutilate day with Kelly Olynyk. So basically, we're gonna use Mattila Day and grab Excuse me, We're going to use medicine portable, Not me till today. We're gonna use medicine portable, and I'm basically gonna grab the IP address from that
and open it in Cali, Lennox, so you can see that we're able to then
access to mutilate a tool.
So this was just a brief video to kind of introduce you to some of the places. If you weren't familiar. Some of the places to go get the different virtual machine software that you might need to set up your own environment. I'm assuming that most people taking this course are at least somewhat advanced in setting up virtual machines, and they've been doing that, or they have, you know, got some familial familiarity with that.
So, again, this is not a course intended for beginners at all.
But if any beginners are taking the course, I want to just throw that out there to show you places you can go to set up your own virtual machines. So again, in the next video, we're gonna briefly cover medicine portable in Cali limits. So I'm just gonna basically show you where to go. Look for the I P address inside of medicine portable. And then from there, we'll move into our first lab on the course.
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