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17 hours 41 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome back. So again, Thank you so much for taking the course. I just wonder kind of recap what we talked about throughout the entire course here.
So in March of one, we talked about computer forensics today. So we talked about in general background on computer forensics. A little bit of history, a cz. Well, some of the information would be covering throughout the rest of the course.
Monster treated. We talked about the forensic process. So, you know, the pre investigation facing investigation phase and the post investigation phase Module three. We talked about hard disk and file systems.
Mom, before we went over data acquisitions with different ways, we can acquire data
module five. We talked about anti forensics. So what are the bad people doing to try to prevent us as investigators from getting the information we need?
March of six was operating system forensics. We talked about Windows, Mac and Linux.
Much of seven. We talked about network forensics and some of the legal challenges with that network forensics
modulate, which went over web attack investigation. So we talked about different web attacks, Web architecture, that sort of stuff
margin on. We talked about database forensics. We talk about things like Microsoft Sequel database.
Mulder. Tim, we talked about cloud forensics. We talked about, you know, the cloud. Different cloud modules, you know? Excuse me. Models. So likes offers. A service platform is a service, and different structure is a service we talked about. Also, the a different cloud attack
methods. So, for example, end an investigation. So, for example, you know, closets, closets, an object cloud is a subject, etcetera.
March 11. We won't went over malware. So again, we talked about just a very, very high level introduction to static and dynamic malware analysis.
Model 12. We talked about email investigation, so we also went over archive files and Microsoft Exchange. And where the free as far as the database files and and some things we need to remember for the exam itself.
Marshall 13. We talked about Mobile, so we talked about mobile forensics. We talked about the differences between Android and IOS. We also talked about jail working and some of the tips and tricks for the exam regarding jail Burkey.
And then finally we wrapped up our discussion with forensic Reportings will talk about like expert witness testimony the double art versus Frye Standard as well as information about depositions.
So, again, I want to thank you for taking the course. I hope he enjoyed it. And hopefully you you again. Just remember to download the supplement over resource material that's gonna contain a lot of good information for you. I've also got a document in there that list out the different labs that I think you should go through for this course is part of your preparation
for the computer hacking forensic investigator exam.
So again, thank you so much for taking the course, and I'll see you in the next one.