Mobile Part 3

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17 hours 41 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we talked about different types of mobile threats as well as of some laws that you want to be aware of
in this video, we're going to talk about things like I m e i and E s n and talk about what those are
So I m e I is an international mobile equipment identify rhe. It's gonna be a 15 digit unique number. Some of the things you want to remember for your exam or it's obtained by on your phone typing in the Asterix symbol, the pound sign 06 and then pound. So definitely remember that for your exam
and then also remember the components of the number. Right? So the 1st 2 digits are going to be the reporting body I d. That's allocated to the type allocation code or ta see. Also, remember that ta C stands for type allocation code for your exam.
Ah, the next six are gonna be the remainder of the t A c. And then finally we have the serial sequence of the model and then the loon algorithm. Check digit of the entire model so kind of the main things to remember there on this page are going to be you type in the *** trick pound £06
and then also remembering that T A. C C stands for a type allocation code.
We have our E s N number are electronic serial number. So this is a 32 bit unique number. It's attached on the chip inside of the CD in May by the manufacturer of themselves on and then it can very
a SZ faras lengthwise of the manufacturer code, right? So it could be in a big eight digit code. And then, you know, the 24 bits is a serial number, or it could be kind of flipped there. And then it's 14 bits for the manufacturer code and then 18 bits for the serial number, so you might see a different ways based on the particular manufacturer.
I C C i. D. Or the integrated circuit card identify rhe. So this was one you'll definitely want to know for your exam.
So this one just identifies your SIM sim card internationally, so the 1st 2 digits are gonna be the industry identify WR.
The next two digits are going to be the country, right? So that's the country code or, you know, country identify air.
Um, then we got the issuer I d. And then finally the individual account i d. So again you want to remember these components for the exam, Just in case you see questions asking you like, Hey, what are these two digits right here
I am s I or the International Mobile subscriber Identity s Oh, this one is that 15 digit i d. It describes a country in the mobile network as well that the subscriber is a part of.
And then m s I n some the mobile subscriber identifying identification number. So this is the actual, you know, identity of your mobile phone. So it identifies a mobile phone service provider within a network
are so in this video, we talked about some things like I m e i e and E s n is Well, it's also m s i n
we talked about what all those are, and as I mentioned some of these, you just want to know for the exams and make sure you study this particular section pretty well.
And the next video, we're gonna talk about android devices so we'll talk about android architecture and some other things as well
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