13.2 USBDeview

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Video Transcription
hello and welcome back to the course in this lab. We're going to learn how to review the history off USB devices that have been connected to the system by using U. S V. Review our utility buying yourself at least all your speed of isis that are currently connected to a computer as well. Us all use the devices.
The work previously used
us is explained in this website used. The review also allows youto only stole USB devices that you could use the use. This cannot use the devices that are currently connected to your computer, as well as to disable any naval USB devices.
For this lab, you will meet a Windows operating system environment, our bro sir, to download the tools and the sea prison program. So she has seven seed will see or with Raj.
First, you need to look into your windows machine on open or what, bro Sir, having here Google chrome on a Windows 10 environment. But feel free to use any other word. Bro. Sir,
search for us Vila view or you can simply go directly to the website by using the link in this guide.
Navigate the website and you will see a lot of information about the tool like company. Really? Limitations on functionality
Don't know the tool. Save it on. Steep it in your computer.
Opened Executed. Will file U S V The view that XY
this tool is really easy to use on doesn't require any installation. Just my opening execute level. You will see the least off devices.
The devices in gray are not currently connected, but they were in the past. Devices in green are blood and, he says, to physically unplugged the device without disconnecting it.
The wisest thing red are disabled.
Double click on our device To see more information about it
in the gate,
you can see the U. S V Review Collins description. According to its website
information socials. Last blood on blood date can be very useful. Well, creating a timeline.
Dr. Letter specifies the drive player off the USB device.
This column is only relevant to USB Flash memory devices onto US V CD or DVD drive
Serial number specifies the serial number off the device on this column again is only relevant. Toe masters devices CD or DVD drive on USB hard disks
created date specifies the date on time that the device was installed. In most cases, this daytime value represents the time that you first block the device to that USB port.
However, be aware that in some circumstances this value may be wrong. According to its Web site on a Window seven machine, this value is initialized with the current date and time on every revolt
to export or safety data displayed. Click on the main you file in the option safe selected items
before finishing. Here's a question for you.
Why is this to import a little forensic investigation
by No, we wish devices were connected to a specific machine. We could lean USB drive or the rice is found in a crime scene to a specific computer. These good helps off in the case.
Please check the references on supplementary material. On in the next morning, we're going to analyze a really popular and youthful technique used mostly for hiding information in pictures
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