1.7 Identifying Network Topologies and Standards Part 1 - MTAN

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Welcome back to Cy Berries Empty, a 98 3 66 network and Fundamentals certification prep course.
We need to find exactly what that apology is. Now. When you think about network apology, it refers to the physical or logical layer of a network. It defines the way different nose or computers are place and interconnect to each other.
Alternately, network departing me describe how the data is transferred between the two notes. There are two types of network deposit, and you need the wealth. We have physical, and then we have logical. The physical positive emphasizes the physical layout of the connected devices and nose while another hand.
The logical apologies focus on the
pattern of data transferred between the various network notes. Now there are several types of physical apologies they're gonna be discussing today.
We could begin my first of all, taking a look at the good old bust apology
alternately referred to as a line to party a bust. A party is a network set up in which each computer and never device connect to a single cable or backbone,
depending on the type again, off again. When we call network card using each computer of the bust Apology.
A co ax cable or RG 45 Kids Network cables used to connect computers together.
All the devices and nose are connected sequentially to the same backbone or transmission line. This is simple. This is a simple, low cost of hardy, but is a single point of failure, and it presents. The rest of the words were told by a Taliban uncertain. So let's take a look at
some of the advantages of the bust of item on our list in here.
It works well when you have a small network. Obviously, it's easier Network depart if connected computers or peripherals in a linear faction, it requires less cable link than a start apology.
Why on the way, In terms of dis adventure, it could be difficult to identify the problem if the whole network goes down.
It can be hard to troubleshoot individual device issues with that particular type of topology, the Buster Hodges. Not grateful large networks.
You also need to have terminated, as indicated on this particular slider that it required for both ends of the main cable. You also need additional vices again. They're going to slow down your network if you have a situation where the main cable ends up getting damaged, the network fails or splits into two.
The next departure won't talk about it's called the Ring Topology, which again is called A Is a two party is other words a network configuration and which device connected connection Create a circular data path.
Each of the network advice finn it to two others, like points on a circle together. Devices in the rain. To part you refer to is a ring network.
When you have that ring network package of data travel from one device to the next until they reach their destination.
Most ring two parties allow package travel old in one direction. Call a unit direction, un directional ring network
while on the other hand, others permit data to move in either direction.
In terms of the major disadvantage off of this particular topology is that if any individual connection in the ring is broken, what happens? Entire network is affected. The ring to Bajor, maybe using either local area networks again
or why they were networks, depending on the type, again
on the type of network caught using each computer.
Fourth advantages. All the data flow in one direction, reducing the chance of a package collision.
A network service not needed to control network connectivity between each workstation. The data can transfer between workstations at high speed. Additionally, works could be added without impacting the performance of your network
for his disadvantage. All that data being transferred and network must pass through each workstation on your network, which can make it slower again.
Then a start. A party that time that we may be impact that one work station shuts down the heart. We need to connect that each work states to the network is much more expensive than the Ethernet cars and hubs and our switches
the next one won't talk about. Scholar Start Apology is one of the most common network set ups in this configuration. Aaron Note. Our computer connects to the central network device like a Hubble switch or computer.
This is interconnected by acts as a server, and the privilege of ice acts as a client, depending on the type of again network card. Using each computer of the start apology,
a cracks of cable or R J 45 cables used to connect computers together
not on equal is important to start a party, all the nose in the network or connect to a center device like a hope. As we can see here,
the most common to party, each computer is individually wide. Two. Essential connect the advice, huh? Small office, Home Office. Roger with twisted pair cabling.
Now for us, the advantage of this particular type of apology is has. One thing I like about it is that it has centralized mansion on your network through the use of central computer's hubs or switches.
Easy to add another computer to your network.
If one of the computers on the network fails, the rest of the network continues to function normally again. We're looking again at the start, the party
in terms of disadvantages,
can have a higher cost to implement,
especially when you use an advice, or rather as a central network device that such a network device determines to performance and number knows the network can handle.
If the central computer Hubble switch fails, what happens? The entire network goes down and all computers are disconnected from network.
Then we bring out to turn out just toward the mess topology.
It's a network set up where each computer network devices interconnected with each one. Another
allow for most transmits to be descriptive, even if one of the conduction goes down. It's an apology coming use for wireless networks, But so again, Mr Riley, you have two types off Mr Part. You get to have a full mess, or you can have a partial now a full one
mess. Topology. Every computer in the network
has occurred next to each other, each other eat of the other computers. In that network, the number connection is that what can be calculate using the formula
and a partial connected mess to party? At least two other computers Internet would have connection to multiple other computers, and that network is ex inexpensive way to implement. We're done this in the network, an event that one of the primary computers, oh connection in the network fails
the rest of the networking teams to operate normally.
So again, that's looking again at the mist apology. So what are the advantages? Can handle high amounts of traffic because motor vices can transmit that assignment initially a failure. One device does not cause a break in the network or transmission of data.
When you add additional devices, it does not disrupt the data transmits between other networks in terms of disadvantage. When you look at the mist of logic that caused the inmate is much higher than other network to project could be very expensive. In other words, and obviously more often it's a less desirable option by virtue of the expense involved.
Building and maintaining topology is difficult in its time. Human again, that's looking to diss, avenge of that one. The chance of redundant connections high, which adds to the high cost of attention for reduce efficiency.
There, we contacted toward a treat apology. It's a special type of structure in which mini connected elements or arranged like a branches off a tree, for example, tree departure of frankly used to organize computers in a corporate network or a information in a database.
Enough treated party. There can be only one connected connection between any two connected knows, because any two nose can have only one mutual connection treated party form what we call a natural pie parent type child type Harkin.
Then we come to Tokyo. Me. A token ring again
is a technology that allows communicate communication protocols for local area networks. It uses a special three bike frame called a token that travels around the logical ring of work stations or service.
Unlike other standards, forms a land connection token. We maintain one arm or common data frame that continually circulate through the network.
These frames are shared by all connected devices on networks, follows
the vice checks whether the frame contains a Mrs address to it. If so,
that advice removes a message from the frame. If not, the frame is empty, called a token frame. The device holding the frame decides whether to send that message. If so, it is certain message data into the token frame and issued back into the land. If not, device releases token frame
for the next device in sequence to pick up.
In other words,
in an effort to minimize again network congestion, only one devices used at a time. So Token has three again bites that consists of a start
in the end, a limiter that describes the beginning and the end of the frame. In other words, they marked the frames boundaries. Also within the token is a access control bite.
The maximum link of a data portion is full 44,500 bytes
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