1.5 Examining Local Area Networks, Devices, and Data Transfer Part 5 - MTAN

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once again to the side. Very empty. A 98
3 66 network and fundamentals certification Prep course
it's not. Your dress is a logical dress that identified an advice or holes connected on a network.
So we get every computer dating or the various devices of more Device and Neto have an I P address sewn I P address or simply I. P is a unique address that identify the advice again on on the Internet or network. It allows us to be recognized by other system connected there again, the network.
So again, app, you're just identify you computer number and network. It lives on
this again, a tipple example of I p address again, Op Evers and four. Here
we have 192168.1, Not one. This is M by people remember, it's not the only bird you have. All we'll be discussing the upcoming presentation i p version four dresses as opposed to Happy version 61 of the things that I'm gonna mention before we move on is that I'd be the reason for our peoples and sixes because
we started running out of Ophir. Addresses are fevers and four.
The great thing about Happy Version six is much more secure than the traditional happy version for which will be discussing the upcoming presentations.
So every machine on network has a unique identifier
again, just as you were dressed a letter to sit in the mail. Computers use multiple or unique identifiers to send data to specific computers on the network. Most networks today include all computers on Get owner in that uses what we call a T. C. V I. P Protocol as a standard for how to communicate
on the network.
Now they're two status for I P address my papers and four and Happy birds and six all computers are peepers and four dresses again, and many are starting to use again. When we started, as I mentioned for, they were running an I. P address, we started to see. A lot of people nowadays are studying you lies RP version of dresses nowadays,
so we get a term. What award of the sudden at Mass.
Now something at Mass is a 32 bit number used. Two different ate the network component of an I P address by the violent op he addresses into network address and holds a dress. It also
Ah, it does so with a bit. Ah, arithmetic, whereby a network dress is bit multiplied by that sub. That mass reveals the underlying something network,
like the I P address, a subject masses written using the dotted decimal type notation.
A sudden it mess, also known as an address mass.
So again is something that is used again designed your sudden it's as well.
And so what we see here we have the CIA toppy address
and we see that it has four octave. It's
and we can able be able to tell what part is that network address like, for example, this one is we see 192168
0.1 dot one.
We noted that network address is 192168.1
and the subject masses to 5525525.0.
So all of the 2 55 and sudden emasculating refer to the network
where in the zero defer to the host part of it. So again, we able to break that down by virtue of again you lies in our papers and four
So we think about the host. The host of the advice of computer that has an I p. Address
a hostess computer that the suspect over again
the network It can be again. It could be a triumph of your server and so forth.
The fact that advice of computer has i p address what makes it a host.
The next thing I want you take a look. A This is a dagger and showing that I p address properties a magic. For example. This is your computer We ever went to the properties we be able to see again. In this case, it had said it were able to attain an op P address automatically an order for your computer to be retaining Adriana I p address
again basically again automatically you need you need to have and the A C B service configured on your network. So not be address is short for Internet Protocol address and I p addresses identify for your continent Advice on a TCP at network computer using TCP I protocol right message is based on the I P address of again the destination.
Did you know that aesthetic? A. P addresses a number in the form of a dotted decimal that's assigned to a computer by Internet service provider
computers. Use these I P addresses to locate and talk to each other on the Internet, much the same way people use telephone numbers to locate and talk to one another on the telephone. When you want to visit, what is dot com? What happens? Your computer acts a domain name in service or D N s server again? Think information operator
for the correct data
for that particular site.
Other words we're talking about. What is dot com and what happens is your computer essentially uses the answer received to connect to the What is that? Com server. It should be simple. If every computer connects to the Internet, will have its own static i p address. But when the end that was first conceived,
the architects did foresee the need for unlimited number of I P addresses.
Consequently, there are not enough op ID numbers to go around to get around to the problem. Many in the service of Adam's limit the number of static I P addresses they allocated and economize on the remaining number I P addresses they possess by temporarily signing the AP address to a requesting
what we call a dynamic host configuration, protocol or day see server.
The Tipperary happy address is called a dynamic R P address.
Now there are number of difficult man's that we need to be able to know how to configure. First of all, one of the ones I think about compromise the Appy configure man. What that does for you. When you do that from the command line, what it does from you, it shows again the i p configuration information. It's sometimes redness. I peek and thick
I F Compete, which is used for Linux operating systems. It's a command line. Two.
I have config displace all your current T sappy network configuration information as shown in this particular slide here. It also refreshes your dynamic host configuration protocol as well as the Dean s name as well.
The next one will take a look. It's called a good old Ping command, their paint purpose of a camping command. It's built both in windows as well as your UNIX operating systems. It's a universal way of testing for network response time and performance. Other words. You're looking for network connectivity.
The pink. A man is used by a system administrators for diagnostic problems,
particularly for testing, merging and mention your network. The ping is a network diagnosis to use primary to test the current to between two notes again to ping a destination note. And in that control message protocol ICMP echo request package is set to that note
If the connection is available What happened? The destination. Don't respond with an echo reply.
Peeing calculates the round trip time of the data package route from its source to its destination and back. And what, then, does it determines whether any package were lost Doing that particular trip
so again here to test whether or not you have your tea so happy is functioning properly. First ping that go We called the loop back address as we see in this crater here we don't do is gonna paying the 127.0 dies Your one what you do You open a command prompt You type in the pin command you press enter
and then what you do you absurd results.
You see c replies indicating to assess your local hoses used to refer to your computer from its internal happy not from an external copy of your computer. So the pain pack. It doesn't pass through any physical network interface only through a virtual Luke back
interface, which directly sends the package
from port to port without any physical hops.
Now that 1 to 7 is a steady I P address assigned to your network card. Once you've installed network and car, drop your drivers as well. Now again. Remember the drivers of the interface between the hardware and the driver's. Allow your computer. Be able to communicate other words.
When you have your network interface card, you have to have installed drivers because that's the interface. Begin between
that particular device and your operations has been allowed to communicate. In other words. Now Quick way to test for the new network cars work with the correct Dr Install. You contest the pink a man and make a man prom. You contest this even if your computer is not connected to a network. If you fail the ping, this address
most likely met work Card Driver's Naina Sto
correctly Network card is Foca. There's a problem on the operating system University. Look into T. C I. P function
so again. You have your Ping Lu back address.
We also have your ping local host. And then you also have your ping again, which is the 12790.1 that spoke about early. So again, the Internet Engineering Task Force or I e R E T f reserved the 127.0 dot 0.0 again without subnet mask eight
for Luke back purpose.
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