1.4 Examining Local Area Networks, Devices, and Data Transfer Part 4 - MTAN

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once again to the side. Very empty. A 98
3 66 network and fundamentals certification prep course
and I p address, or simply happy is a unique address that identify the device on your network.
You also have what we call aesthetic I p address again, which is a permanent number assigned to a computer. And normally we assign a setting. I've just known that's assigned to you. For example, if you set up a star witness over 2016
and you set it up as your domain controller, you wanna have aesthetic I p address. So again, normally you have aesthetic out here dressed like the main server.
We also have again temporary Again I p address are found only peces of constantly changing east time. Other worst rethink of temporary Think of dynamic
like for example.
You know, if you set up a server, you want to make sure it has what aesthetic I p address Other words particularly tell my domain controller because we don't want to change. I p addresses all the time. So we wanted to have a what we call a static i p address and we're gonna make sure that that if we have a date to the server,
the deputy address it never, ever allocated to anybody.
So again, we're gonna make sure that appeared just only want to make sure that I have you just only unique to, for example, to be set by domain control. So again, a timber addresses unit for two at the dynamic I P address, which is available for a specific mount time for in that connection,
when you have a dynamic I p address, they're stored in the pool I P addresses and assigned randomly based on when a user request one
now. So how do we connect these men we mentioned before about a century and a device that allows it to be that connect these devices together now, in order Buchanan device together. Another device that we need to have in place is a network adapter, and we also need to have what we call an R J 45 patch cable.
So an adapter, a network adapter might be integrated into the motherboard or at as a separate advise that connects to a PC *** a lot, or
perhaps a PCR cart or a USB port.
We also have again a cat five, which is even that. Patch cable is a cable similar that consists of unshielded twisted pair type Caven system.
This patch cables used up about connectivity between any two computers that have an R J 45 type connection. Now again, member, you can connect the two devices this computer together about it would be wise or Wallace not when you think about ah Wired another turn. Way to think about why is called God it media.
Any time is scent in the air or Wallace is called Unguarded Media.
So again you have R J 45 most common type of network adapter.
We're gonna take a look at it in a couple of slides were going to the look what is actually what a network adapt it looks like, as was R J 45 type cable.
We also have a game fiber optics out there and available. Fiber Optic is a high speed data transmission medium. It contains tiny glass or plastic filaments that carry light beams. Digital digital data is transmitted through the cable. Be a rapid pulses of light.
So again it transferred data. Fascinating. Your compliment Network type cables
five a cop. Fiber optic cables, high speed transmission media contains image. Contains tiny glass.
Because you're five up the cable transfer data via light, they can transfer influence at the speed of light. Not surprising. Presently, five out the cables were about the fastest again of any data transmission type media that's available nowadays.
We also have to see we see our standard network cable here. Let's listen to the right on this particular slide here.
Hey, so it allows for opposite more band with that way as a result of more bandwidth, it's the it's much quicker.
They also less a separate to noise interference compared to copper wires. The telephone lines, however, fiber optic cables are Maur found your fragile than your metallic kind of part and therefore quite more protective sheeting. While copper wires can be split, amended and many times and need it,
broken fiber optic often need to be replaced. If you have a situation senses that
since fiber optic cable by faster, again for by faster what we call transfer speeds,
then your traditional again unshielded twisted Paris.
So here again is a picture of a network adapting our G 45. If you look to your very left.
This is example. Often RD 45 is a common connected for plug used on the end of a network cable. In order for you to connect those advice together, you need to have and what we call a network adapter. If you look to your right, you see an example or picture of a network adapter, also known as a network interface card, or nick
the device that enable you to send and receive data
to and from your computer
the next time we take a look at is called a device majesty only network adapters here
it device manages to control panel Ablett In your marks are Windows operating system and what it does. It allows users to view and control the hardware attached to the computer when a piece of hardware is not working there. Fending heart was highlighted for the user to deal with the list of heart where can be sorted by various criteria.
So what does A device badger me
device measures the control panel Apple, As I mentioned before, your network adapter is a component of the computers internal heart, what is used for communicating over the network with another computer. Your network adapter is a component of a computer's internal heart word that is used for communicating. Remember, you can actually have it.
Where can next to the motherboard itself or lifetime is to be in the motherboard. Or, if you have a USB connect that you can actually
create what we call your network adapt as well.
So let's take a look at the network adapter properties.
So again, a network adapter is a component of your computer internal hardware that's used for communicating over the network with another computers. Again. Here's a screenshot of what? A network and not the property that so you have various properties here.
You can look at the mess you have. Resource is in case. Also, this vice show that this advice is working properly. So again, this is kind of showing you did network adapter properties.
That brings us to a senior data transfer.
So and telecommunication data transmission Syria communication is the process of sitting down a one bit of the time, so crunches over communication channels or computer bus. This is in contrast to parallel communication, where several bits are sent as a hole on a link with several parallel type channels.
You're the diff between a serial and parallel what we call transmission one of the primary difference that in a serial transmission data it's sent bit by bit, weigh in and parallel transmission a bit is eight bits or care or character sent, and the similar is both the that both are used to connect
and communicate with peripheral devices.
So again, that's what we're looking at. Get at this serial data transfer.
You're still data for transfer refers to transmit data one bit of time. The opposite of Syria is parallel, which several bits of transmitter concurrently here.
So we get there, even at a network and standard again memory. If you think it's my actual where the Ethan that is based on nothing more than a network of standard that has a set of rules that governs the transmission data between network adapters. And there is such a connecting devices,
A Ethernet cable is the most common type of network cable used on a wide network, whether at home or any other business establishment.
This cable connects wide device together to the local network for the file sharing, and you also provide for Internet sharing his access as well,
even as an array of networking technology and system uses low Kerry Net, where computers connected with in a primary physical space
that Gandhi we had. These is some common types of Ethan. Let's begin with eight or 2.3. You are fast. Even that runs at 100 megabytes per second,
and we also have a gigabytes, which again is the latest and greatest of all
now, for the types of transmissions are concerned.
We have the broadcast, and then we have again the unit CASS. A broadcast is a method of communication where and packages sent to area holes on the network.
When you have, you know, CASS and Communication Method, where traffic zone is sent to the computer holds that is meant to be sent to. In general, a broadcast is to cast off, though, for something in all directions. At the same time, a radio or television broadcast is a program that is transferred over airways for public reception by
again forwards for receipt would have receiver tuned to again the right signal
for that data transfer rate.
It has do deal specific networks be also know as bit rate.
This is the fight as the mashing bits per second that can be transmitted over a network.
The data transfer is amount of that digital data that has moved from one place to another in a given time,
the data transfer where it can be viewed as the speed of travel of a given amount of data from one place to another.
So when you looking again again, we see bits per second here
and there, there's some difference. So again, if you're looking at the Ritz in bits, it's signified with a lower case. Be. For example, here we see 10 megabytes per second.
The lower case be what it does. It helps us to be a very different and tell. The difference
of this amount from data that is stored on a hard drive is different than data is used for again with your upper case that used for hat dealer with speed and so forth
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